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Undergraduate programs



Not sure?

You have a lot of choices available when you're picking a program at UVic. It's important to know:

  • You don't have to pick a major like biology or history right away. A lot of students change their program in their first or second year.
  • Admission requirements differ for each program. You can transfer between programs after you start, but admission isn't guaranteed.

If you're really not sure what program to take, we recommend you apply first to the faculties of humanities, science or social sciences. You won't have to declare your program right away and you'll have flexibility in what classes you can take.

Need help?

Are you having trouble understanding the lingo? Learn about university and UVic terms.

If you have a general question about the application process or studying at UVic, contact your UVic recruiter.

If you have a specific question about your application to UVic, call or send an email to your assigned admission assistant.

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