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Faculties at UVic


Gustavson School of Business is the perfect place for thinkers, idea generators and creators of change. In our relatively small business school you’ll work closely with your professors and fellow students in a school that throws out convention and sparks personal growth.

We offer Canada’s only business program with mandatory co-ops for all undergraduate students. You’ll gain valuable work experience and put theory into practice.


The Faculty of Education is the perfect place to start, whether you want to be a teacher, a community leader, a counsellor, enter the health industry, or work in sports and recreation.

Education is where students, researchers, educators, community leaders, health professionals and counsellors come together. We are committed to supporting people to live better.

Engineering and Computer Science

The Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science is pushing the edges of engineering and computer science. Take part in co-op, join award-winning student teams and graduate one big step closer to becoming a licensed professional engineer.

Add in specializations, options and interdisciplinary programs ranging from music to management and you can combine your technical skills with other interests in a program built for you.

Fine Arts

In the Faculty of Fine Arts you’ll find an inclusive, supportive and creative community. Join us to develop essential skills in artistic production, critical thinking, collaboration, communication and research.

Learn from working professionals who will help you discover new levels of creative entrepreneurship. Focus on one of our five core disciplines or choose from our many interdisciplinary options.

Human & Social Development

In the Faculty of Human and Social Development you’ll prepare for a career that supports people, communities and governments. You'll find a common thread of caring and community contribution woven through our offerings.

Choose from programs ranging from child & youth care to nursing to public policy and governance.


In the Faculty of Humanities you’ll study everything to do with human history and culture, from the languages we speak and the stories we tell to the cultures we have created and the ideas we have generated. 

Our programs explore ancient history, literature, technologies, philosophy, and languages and cultures that span the globe. You'll recognize the richness of diversity, discuss issues that affect humanity and discover how your point of view brings value to the world.


The Faculty of Law is one of Canada's leading law schools, known for our commitment to community engagement and social justice. We’re leaders in environmental law, Indigenous law and public policy.

Our small size, collegial atmosphere, student support programs and incredible faculty attract a community of diverse, engaged and passionate students determined to make an impact.


The Faculty of Science will take you to the limits of human knowledge and understanding. You’ll work closely with our faculty in research-intensive programs rich with hands-on learning.

Mix and match the subjects you love with our nearly 30 programs in a wide variety of fields in science and mathematics.

Social Sciences

In the Faculty of Social Sciences, you’ll study all aspects of society and the world we live in. Learn about human behaviour, social relationships and the connection between humans and the environment.

As UVic’s largest faculty, we offer programs in a range fields from anthropology to environmental studies to psychology.

Divisions at UVic

Continuing Studies

Whether you want to advance in your current career or are looking for something totally new, the Division of Continuing Studies will give you a new perspective on career training and professional development.

Medical Sciences

The Division of Medical Sciences delivers the University of British Columbia’s Island Medical Program. We’re training the next generation of health professionals to address the current and future health care needs of British Columbians.