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High school counsellors

High school counsellor sitting at a desk smiling at the camera

As a high school counsellor, we know you play an important role in your students’ future education. We want to stay in contact with you and keep you updated. We value the feedback you give on how best to meet students' needs.

Connect with your UVic recruiter

Whether your school is in Canada or across the world, we're here to help! If you haven't already met your UVic recruitment officer, there's no better time to strike up a conversation and find out how we can assist you and your students.

Your recruiter can also put you on our mailing list, ensuring that you receive important updates on admissions, upcoming events, and other changes at UVic that you and your students need to know about.

Canadian-curriculum high schools

High school courses approved for admission:

International high schools

Custom viewbooks

Future UVic students can make personalized, online viewbooks that are tailored to their interests...and so can you!

Build your own viewbook to learn more about UVic, then keep the website link handy for when you meet with students. You can edit it on the spot to talk about the UVic programs and opportunities that interest them.

Viewbooks & guides

Our viewbooks and guides are available as PDF files to help you advise your students, and are completely accessible by people with disabilities.

Your students can find these download links on the Contact a student recruiter page.

Mail-order publications

Counsellors can order print versions of our publications for your school by emailing with the following information:

  • Your full name and title
  • School name and mailing address
  • Title and quantity of each publication requested

School group tours

We offer customized tours for high schools, colleges, and other student groups who are interested in attending UVic in the future (e.g. Indigenous, youth and agency groups).


Learn more about us by contacting the recruitment officer for your school, or email us at