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Research Interests

Elizabeth Adjin-Tettey
On leave July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017
250 721-8182
Remedies, insurance, torts, feminist analysis of law, law and society, and race, ethnicity, and the law. 

John Borrows
Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Law

250 721-8168
Indigenous law, environmental law, constitutional law.

Gillian Calder
Associate Dean, Academic and Student Relations

250 721-8152
Family law and social issues, constitutional law, gender equality.

Jamie L Cassels, QC
Serving as University President

Remedies, legal theory, contracts, torts.

Kathryn Chan

250 721-8163

Nonprofit sector law, law and religion, administrative law and regulation, trusts, the law of gift.

Patricia Cochran 250 721-8183

Constitutional law, political and legal theory, law of evidence, human rights, social welfare law.

Deborah L Curran,
Acting Executive Director, Environmental Law Centre

250 853-3105
Water law, municipal law, growth management and land use law, environmental law, agricultural land and food systems, real estate and shared-decision making.

Maneesha Deckha
Lansdowne Chair in Law
On leave July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017 

250 721-8175
Animal law, health, bioethics, feminist analysis.

Gerry Ferguson

250 721-8174
Corruption, criminal law, criminal procedure, sentencing, mental health law.
Glenn Gallins, QC
Director of the Law Centre Clinical Legal Education Program
250 385-1221
Clinical and public legal education.
J Donald Galloway 250 721-8173
Immigration, refugee and citizenship law.
Mark R Gillen 250 721-8169
Securities, trusts, business associations, tax and competition law.
Donna Greschner
Constitutional law, comparative constitutional law, human rights (focus on equality rights), political and legal theory.
Robert Howell 250 721-8186
Intellectual property, technology, telecommunications, private international law.
Rebecca Johnson 250 721-8187
Criminal law, legal process, business associations.

Freya Kodar
Associate Dean, Administration and Research

250 721-8190
Pension (public and private), consumer law and policy, debt and credit regulation, income security, care work, disability and the law.

Michelle Lawrence  

250 721-8894
Criminal law, evidence, sentencing, substance abuse and mental disorder, relationship violence, police accountability.
Carol Liao 250 721-8164
Business law, corporate social responsibility, economic analysis of law, sustainable development law and policy, social innovation.
Colin Macleod 250 721-7521
Philosophy, liberal equality.
Ted L. McDorman 250-721-8181
Public international law, international ocean law.
Jerry McHale, QC
Lam Chair in Law and Public Policy
250 721-7647
Access to justice, justice reform, mediation and dispute resolution, child welfare and family law.
Val Napoleon
Law Foundation Professor of Aboriginal Justice and Governance
250 721-8172

Indigenous legal traditions, Indigenous feminist legal studies, governance, restorative justice, Indigenous property law, Aboriginal legal issues.

Kim Nayyer
Associate University Librarian - Law, Legal Research & Writing Program
Law librarian, legal research instruction, law library collection management.
Andrew Newcombe 250 721-8161
International investment law and arbitration, international trade law and contracts.
Pooja Parmar 250 721-8179

legal pluralism, legal ethics, int’l human rights law, legal history, law and colonialism.

Victor V. Ramraj
Law Chair, Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives (CAPI)
Director, Graduate Program
Comparative constitutional and administrative law (SE Asia), transnational regulation, law and globalization, emergency powers in Asia.

D Heather Raven, QC

250 472-5247
Indigenous law, labour law.
Tim Richards
Director, First-Year Legal Research and Writing Program
250 721-8185
Human rights law, poverty and social policy, legal skills education.

Supriya Routh

250 853-3167
Work and labour law, international labour law, atypical and informal workers in the global south, human rights.

Chris Tollefson

250 721-8170
Environmental law and litigation, sustainability, environmental governance, forestry, Aboriginal law, access to justice.

Jeremy Webber
Dean of Law

250 721-8147
Indigenous legal rights, cultural diversity, constitutional theory.




Jeremy Webber
Dean of Law
250 721-8147
Gillian Calder
Associate Dean, Academic and Student Relations
250 721-8152 lawassoc@uvic.ca
Freya Kodar
Associate Dean, Administration and Research
250 721-8190 law.assocdean.adm@uvic.ca




Catherine Boies Parker 343: Charter Litigation
Oliver Brandes 392: Water Law
Andrew Buck andrewbuck@uvic.ca
Keith Carlson
Barbara Carmichael
Joan Chambers 343: Advanced Corporate Transactions
Chief Justice Thomas Crabtree 360: Legal Ethics & Professionalism
Bradley Danks
Mary Falconer 387: Health Law
Stephan Ferance 366: Patent Law stephen.ferance@gowlings.com
Judy Fudge J.A.Fudge@kent.ac.uk
Richard Fyfe 360:Legal Ethics & Professionalism
Peter Gall 343: Sports Law
Jonas Gifford 366: Patent Law
Kevin Gillese
Mike Gillis 343: Sports Law
Matthew Good 343: Statutory Interpretation & Drafting
Harvey Groberman 343: Statutory Interpretation & Drafting harveyg@uvic.ca
Hugh Gwillim 356: Advocacy Hugh.Gwillim@gov.bc.ca
Rod Hayley 343: Class Actions & Mass Litigation rhayley@uvic.ca
Andrew Harding
Kimberly Henders Miller
Samantha Hulme hulme13@uvic.ca
Hank Intven 367: Communications Law & Policy
Veronica Jackson 360: Legal Ethics & Professionalism Veronica.Jackson@gov.bc.ca
Nils Jensen 309: Evidence
Christopher Jones 343: Energy Law
Alison Latimer

Troy Lehman

Michael Litchfield
Director, Business Law Clinic

349: Business Law Clinic


Timothy Lo

Geoffrey Loomer

Bryant Mackey

Raji Mangat 359: Civil Liberties
Maxine Matilpi 368: Indigenous Feminist Legal Studies mmatilpi@uvic.ca
Steven McKoen
Daniel Mildenberger 317: Real Property Transactions Mildenberger@sll.ca
Catherine Morris
Michael Munro 356: Advocacy
Justice Jeff Oliphant 307B: Civil Procedure joliphant@judicom.ca
Joel Oliphant 307B: Civil Procedure
Paul Pearson 303: Criminal Procedure pearson@mtplaw.com
Keith Phillips
Jarett Plonka
Deanna Rivers dgrivers@uvic.ca

Calvin Sandborn
Legal Director of the
Environmental Law Centre

Kate Saunders 387: Health Law
Tamara Saunders
Daniel So danielso@uvic.ca
Theodore Sum
Darin Thompson
Eric Tucker
Ian Wiebe 355: Legal Skills
James Williams
Jeffrey Young
Qianfan Zhang