J. Donald C. Galloway

Professor Emeritus

J. Donald C. Galloway

J. Donald C. Galloway

Faculty of Law, University of Victoria

I specialize in Immigration Law, Refugee Law and Citizenship Law and teach Torts. I am a former member of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada and co-chair of the Legal Research Committee of the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers (CARL).  I am the co-author of three texts on Immigration Law, each of which has been been published in a second edition in 2015.

  • LLB – Edinburgh  (1974)
  • LLM – Harvard (1975)


  • Immigration and Refugee Law Cases, Materials, and Commentary 2nd edition (Emond Press, coauthored by Carherine Dauvergne, Colin Grey and Audrey Macklin)
  • Immigration Law  2nd edition (Irwin Law, co-authored by Jamie Chai Yun Liew)

  • International Encyclopedia of Law, Entry on Canadian Immigration Law 2nd edition (Kluwer  co authored by Sharryn Aiken, Colin Grey  and Audrey Macklin)


  • The Fear of Persecution and State Protection (2015) 29 Journal of Immigration Asylum and Nationality Law p 290 (co-authored by Tess Acton LL.M.)