Michelle Lawrence

Associate Professor and Director, Access to Justice Centre for Excellence

Michelle Lawrence

Michelle Lawrence

Faculty of Law
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700, STN CSC
Victoria, BC  V8W 2Y2

I serve as Director of the Access to Justice Centre for Excellence (“ACE”) at the University of Victoria.  ACE is a research centre with a focus on applied research and practical scholarship. It seeks to provide provincial and national leadership in research and teaching related to access to justice. 

My own research focuses on the fields of criminal law, evidence, and sentencing. My work has been published in leading law and criminology journals, including the Canadian Bar Review, Canadian Criminal Law Review, Criminal Law Quarterly and Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice, and has been cited with approval by the Supreme Court of Canada. In addition, I am a primary contributor, with Distinguished Professor Gerry Ferguson and Mr. Justice Michael Dambrot, to Canadian Criminal Jury Instructions. I previously contributed the sentencing law content to the Annual Review of Criminal Law. 

I hold graduate degrees in law and criminology, including a Masters of Law from the University of Cambridge and Ph.D. (Criminology) from Simon Fraser University. I completed my doctoral work as a Trudeau Scholar. 

Since joining the Faculty of Law in 2013, I have twice been honoured to receive the Terry J. Wuester Teaching Award. I have held two Associate Dean appointments. I served as chair of the UVic Senate Committee on Appeals and Associate Director of the FREDA Research Centre on Violence Against Women and Children.

I previously practiced law as a partner at a national law firm. My practice was based in Vancouver and comprised a diverse range of matters, including civil disputes, complex regulatory proceedings and criminal litigation. I worked under the mentorship of leading litigator, Leonard T. Doust, Q.C. I currently sit as an Alternate Chair of the B.C. Review Board.


  • BA – Western Ontario  (1994)
  • LLB – UVic (1998)
  • LLM – Cambridge (2002) (Pegasus Scholar)
  • MA (Criminology) – SFU (2009)
  • PhD (Criminology) – SFU (2014) (Trudeau Scholar)


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  • Annual Review of Criminal Law 2019 (Toronto, ON: Thomson Reuters, 2020) (with S. Couglan & R. Currie) (responsible for Chapter 5 on Sentencing).

  • “Similar Fact Evidence & Crime Linkage Analysis: In Search of an Empirical Foundation to Support the Identity Inference” (2019) ​24 Cdn Crim LR 5.

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  • “Delusions of Justice: Results of Qualitative Research on the Management in British Columbia of Cases Involving Allegations of Substance-Induced Psychosis” (2015) 14 Crim LQ 499 (with S.N. Verdun-Jones).
  • Criminal Law Process - LAW 102
  • Legal Process - LAW 106
  • Criminal Law Term - LAW 304
  • Law, Theory & Practices of Sentencing - LAW 305
  • Law of Evidence - LAW 309
  • ACE Innovation Lab - Law 343