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David Milward

David Milward

David Milward
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Faculty of Law, University of Victoria
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Dr. David Milward is a member of the Beardy's & Okemasis First Nation in Saskatchewan, and was previously an Associate Professor of Law with the University of Manitoba. He has numerous publications in international and leading national law journals in the areas of criminal law, evidence, and Indigenous justice.

His first book, Aboriginal Justice and the Charter, won the K.D. Srivastrava Prize in 2012 for the best book published by U.B.C. Press that year. It was also short-listed for the Canadian Law and Society Association Book Prize Award that same year.

His second book, The Art of Science in the Canadian Justice System: A Reflection on my Experiences as an Expert Witness, was co-authored with the late Dr. Charles Ferguson. The book describes Dr. Ferguson's experiences with calling into question deficient forensic science evidence in Canadian courts, particularly that of former Ontario forensic pathologist Dr. Charles Smith.

He has also authored numerous reports. The Gladue Handbook, co-authored with Allard Hall Professor Debra Parkes, is well-received among both judges and lawyers. He assisted the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada with completing portions of its Final Reports that focused on Indigenous Justice Issues. He also completed a report titled Children Need Families, Not Courtrooms, for the Office of the Children's Advocate of Manitoba that explored the use of mediation-based alternatives for resolving child welfare matters.

  • B.A. (History), University of Calgary (1996)
  • L.L.B., University of Alberta (1999)
  • L.L.M., University of Alberta (2003)
  • D. Phil., U.B.C. (2009)
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  • Current Topics in Indigenous Law: Criminal Justice and Family Law
  • Transsystemic Criminal Law
Professor Milward is interested in supervising LLM and PhD students in criminal law, but is especially interested in topics related to Indigenous justice, restorative justice and Indigenous legal orders.