Graduate program faculty

These are the faculty members that provide graduate student supervision. We do our best to match each student with a faculty supervisor that has depth in the student's chosen field but cannot guarantee their availability in any given year.

Elizabeth Adjin-Tettey, DJur (Osgoode)
Torts, remedies,insurance, race, ethnicity, and the law, feminist analysis of law.

John Borrows, FRSC, PhD (Osgoode)
Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Law. Indigenous legal traditions, Canadian aboriginal law, comparative indigenous rights, Canadian constitutional law, and comparative constitutional law.

Susan BreauPhD (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Dean of Law. Law of armed conflict, international humanitarian law, international human rights law and international disaster law.

Bradley Bryan, PhD (UC Berkeley)
Taxation, corporate law, Indigenous corporate structures, trusts, First Nations finance.

Gillian Calder, LLM (Osgoode)
Associate Dean, Academic and Student Relations. Constitutional law, feminist legal theory, social benefits law, family law, performance and law.

Kathryn Chan, DPhil (Oxford)
Law of the voluntary sector, the law of gift, administrative law and regulation, religious freedom, comparative law, and human rights and legal pluralism.

Patricia Cochran, PhD (UBC)
Constitutional law, political and legal theory, law of evidence, human rights, social welfare law.

Deborah L. Curran, LLM (UC Berkeley)
Acting Executive Director, Environmental Law Centre. Water law, municipal law, growth management and land use law, environmental law, agricultural land and food systems, real estate and shared-decision making.

Maneesha Deckha, LLM (Columbia)
Lansdowne Chair in Law.  Feminist and postcolonial legal theory, critical animal studies, animal law, health law, bioethics, elder law, law and culture, law and society.

Gerry Ferguson, LLM (New York)
University of Victoria Distinguished Professor. Criminal law, criminal procedure, sentencing, global corruption, mental health law.

Mark R. Gillen, LLM (Toronto)
Securities regulation, business associations, trusts, taxation law, competition law.

Donna Greschner, BCL (Oxon)
Constitutional law, comparative constitutional law, human rights (focus on equality rights), political and legal theory.

Robert G. Howell, LLM (Illinois)
Intellectual property, managing intellectual property, telecommunications, private international law (conflicts of law).

Ireh Iyioha, PhD (UBC)
Jurisprudence, international human rights law, feminist legal theory, torts, healthcare law, and women's health and the law.

Rebecca Johnson, SJD (Michigan)
Graduate Program Director. Law and society, legal discourse, culture and the humanities, law and popular culture, law and literature, feminist legal theory, statutory interpretation, criminal law, equality law.

Freya Kodar, LLM (Osgoode)
Associate Dean, Administration and Research. Pensions (public and private), consumer law and policy, debt and credit regulation, income security, care work, disability and the law.

Robert Lapper, QC, LLB (UVic)
David & Dorothy Lam Chair in Law and Public Policy. Public policy, professional regulation and ethics, Aboriginal law.

Michelle S. Lawrence, PhD (Simon Fraser)
Criminal law, evidence, sentencing, substance abuse & mental disorder, relationship violence, police accountability.

Geoffrey LoomerPhD (Oxford)
International and comparative taxation law and corporate taxation.

Colin MacLeod, PhD (Cornell)
Moral, political, and legal philosophy; jurisprudence (especially the relation between law and morality); children's rights.

David MilwardPhD (UBC)
Criminal law, Indigenous justice, and evidence.

Ted L. McDorman, LLM (Dalhousie)
Public international law, international ocean law.

Sarah Morales, PhD (UVic)
Aboriginal law, Indigenous legal traditions and international human rights

Val Napoleon, PhD (UVic)
Law Foundation Professor of Aboriginal Justice and Governance. Indigenous legal traditions (law and precedent, legal theories, legal institutions, research methodologies, and pedagogies), Indigenous feminist legal studies, governance, restorative justice, Indigenous property law, Aboriginal legal issues (Canadian law).

Andrew Newcombe, LLM (Toronto)
International investment law, international arbitration, international trade law, commercial law.

Pooja Parmar, PhD (UBC)
International human rights law, Indigenous rights, legal ethics and profession, legal pluralism, law and colonialism, business and human rights, international law, law and development, law and society, qualitative research methods, India, South Asia.

Victor V. Ramraj, PhD (Toronto)
Chair in Asia-Pacific Legal Relations, Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives (CAPI). Comparative constitutional and administrative law (focus on Southeast Asia), transnational regulation, law and globalization, emergency powers in Asia.

Sara Ramshaw, PhD (U of London)
Arts-based approaches to law, law and the humanities, family law,  feminist/intersectional legal theory, improvisation and the law, music and the law, human rights,  critical legal studies, critical contract law, poststructural legal theory.

Supriya Routh, PhD (UVic)
Labour and employment law, theoretical conceptualizations or work, workers' organization initiatives, international labour law, atypical and informal workers and law in the global South, human rights and human development.

Chris Tollefson, LLM (Osgoode)
Environmental law and policy, environment and international trade, environmental/resource management and Aboriginal rights, forest law and policy, coastal zone management, clinical legal education.

Jeremy Webber, LLM (Osgoode)
Law and society, cultural diversity, constitutional law and theory, Aboriginal rights.

For full descriptions of faculty, areas of interest and qualifications, please see our Law Faculty Directory.