LLM Submission Procedures


  1. Review the LLM thesis  submission deadlines with your supervisory committee.
  1. After reviewing the guidelines for nominating LLM thesis external examiner s with your supervisory committee, complete LLM thesis external examiner nomination form with your list of three external thesis examiners and submission date. All members of your supervisory committee must confirm their approval of the form. Submit the form to the  no later than four weeks prior to submitting your thesis for examination.

Do not approach any of the nominees directly. The graduate program director will contact the external examiner on your behalf.

  1. Submit an  application to graduate.  To do this, you must log in to your My Page account and navigate to your 'Graduation' tab. The application to graduate lets Graduate Admissions and Records know you are preparing to complete your thesis. The graduation fee will be applied directly to your tuition account. Deadlines to submit an application to gradaute are:
    • July 15 (for November convocation)
    • November 15 (for June convocation and those completing in December)
    • February 15 (for June Convocation and those completing in April)
  1. Submit your final draft to your supervisory committee for review. Include the title page, supervisory committee page and abstract page (the abstract should not exceed 150 words).

Thesis and dissertation guidelines
UVic thesis template

  1. Once you have the approval of your supervisory committee, email a copy of your thesis to the along with an email of approval from your law supervisor. We will forward the thesis to your external examiner and notify you when the thesis/dissertation approval form and evaluation are complete.
  1. Pre-register for a  UVicSpace account for digital submission of your final thesis.
  1. If you wish to publish all or parts of your thesis elsewhere, submit a thesis/dissertation withholding form to Graduate Admissions and Records one month prior to your thesis submission date.
  1. If the thesis has been approved, or approved with edits, discuss any recommendations made by the external examiner with your supervisory committee and complete as required.
  1. Ask your law supervisor to send an email formally approving your thesis to the for forwarding to Graduate Admissions and Records. Their office will then open your UVicSpace account.
  1. Submit your entire thesis (as a PDF) to UVicSpace for confirmation that your formatting is correct (allow three business days).
  1. The Graduate Program Coordinator will submit the following to Graduate Admissions and Records in person (with a copy to you) by the submission deadline: