Current LLM Stdents




Zehra Abrar

Private Military and Security Companies, Human Rights, Refugee Camps, Detention Centers​

Adekunle Adewumi

Digital Economy, Rights and Data Protection

Jessica Asch

Indigenous law questions relating to citizenship, gender, matrimonial property, dispute resolution, child welfare, and lands, water and resources


Love Babajide

Public International Law, Human Rights, International Criminal Law and Global Governance.

Monte Forster

Antwi Frimpong

British Columbia's use of clinical legal education for access to justice, and what lessons the province may provide for Ghana to enhance its justice system.

Kate Gower


Caroline Grady

Indigenous business law, including First Nations taxation, financing, and business structuring.

Christina Gray

Indigenous constitutionalism and the intersection of Indigenous legal orders in human rights cases at provincial and federal tribunals.

Abishek Kaul

Resham Khanna

Intellectual property rights and biopiracy​

Toluwalope Kolawole

Environmental and energy law, alternative dispute resolution and collaborative governance​

Maria Carolina Marinho Ribeiro

Violence against women and rape culture

Chibueze Ngozi

Chinwendu Nwanisobi Environmental law and policy, transnational advocacy, human rights​

Summer Okibe

Blessing Olaleye Transnational Law, Comparative Constitutional and Administrative law, Dispute Resolution,  International Relations, International trade and investment policy, Global Governance​


Oluwasikemi Oluwatyui International taxation, trade and corporate finance​

Ezinwanne Raymond Critical legal studies

Current PhD students




Tamara Amoroso Gonsalves Children’s and women’s rights as human rights, advertising to children and its effects; women’s and girl’s trafficking for sexual exploitation; violence against women and sexual and reproductive rights.
Ryan Beaton Aboriginal land claims process

Manavi Belgaumkar H.
Kinwa Bluesky

Brian Calliou

Akshaya Chandani


Nima Dorji Bhutanese election law, constitutional (fundamental) rights and duties, Buddhism and law, intellectual property law

Rachel Flowers

David Gill Alternatives to criminal law in both Canadian and Indigenous legal orders​

Jason Gratl

Robert Hamilton

Tamunobelema Itamunoala Climate change

Michael Johnson

Hassan Kamalinejad

Arvind Kumar Access to justice in Adivasi lands of India, non-international armed conflicts with a special focus on the Naxal movement.

Eva Linde Environmental law, climate change, human rights, international law, European Union law,

Michael Litchfield Cannabis regulation, regulation of drugs and alcohol, corporate/commercial law, real property law, governance, ethics

Katherine Llorca Green legal theory

Lana Lowe Indigenous governance

Ratana Ly Transnational regulations, legal pluralism, human rights & the environment, transitional justice

Trung Nguyen State responsibilities

Soudeh Nouri

Ademiju Olatunji International criminal law, human rights and corruption

Songkrant Pongboonjun

Interaction between formal legal institutions, civil liberties and civil rights

Himaloya Saha Intersection between labour laws and foreign direct investment, Issues of cross-border insolvency

Panch Rishi Dev Sharma Comparative constitutional law, emergency constitution, comparative federalism, South Asian jurisprudence

Jennifer Smith Environmental displacement of human populations, climate change refugees

Devyani Tewari Gender and disability rights, law and literature, law and popular culture

Paige Thombs Religion and law, antisemitism, self-determination

Jessica Thompson

Esteban Vallejo Toledo Tax law, Indigenous law and taxation, land value capture, spatial inclusion, fiscal decentralization,  official statistics, legal geography, legal pluralism, legal history and anthropology, dispute resolution

Mary Anne Vallianatos Critical race theory, decolonization, legal history, and comparative constitutional law

Pema Wangdi

Mark Zion Ecology, Indigeneity, critical legal thought, and radical politics