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Health and Community Services

In this program you’ll learn about health and how to deliver health and community services. You’ll study:

  • determinants of health
  • health promotion
  • program planning and evaluation
  • community development

Potential careers

 What can you do with a degree in public health and community services? Here are a few jobs that relate to the program. 

  • program administrator
  • health program planner
  • program evaluator
  • harm reduction worker
  • case manager
  • community development worker
  • community agency administrator
  • policy advocate
  • public health professional

Some of these roles may require post-graduate studies or training, 

Find a career that fits you

Experience & connections

Opportunities in the public health and social policy program

  • During the program practicum you'll gain workplace experience.

Opportunities outside your program

  • With a work study position you can develop skills during your study term.
  • Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community while you build skills.

Networks you can connect to

Here are a few professional associations related to public health and community development:

Hands-on learning opportunities

These courses in the public health and social policy program offer extensive hands-on learning.


AGEI 472 – Healthy Aging
Explore the determinants of good health in old age

DSST 440 - Introduction to Disability Studies
Explore the realities of living with a physical challenge through first-person accounts 

HLTH 301 - Canadian Health and Community Care Services 
Examine the current system of care

HLTH 404 - Inter-Professional Practice
Study current dilemmas in the delivery of health and community services


HLTH 430 - Practicum
Supervised and evaluated 225-hour practicum

Professional and technical skill development            

HLTH 320 - Health Program Planning and Project Management
Develop skills in program planning and project management

HLTH 321 - Human Resource and Fiscal Management in Community Health Systems
Engage in human resource management and learn to write grant applications

HLTH 351 - Practice of Evaluation Research 
Create quantitative and qualitative program evaluation designs

HLTH 403 - Community Development and Capacity Building
Use social media as a part of mapping a community          

HLTH 425 - Quantitative Methods
Learn basic statistical tests and qualitative evaluation design

Research project         

HLTH 435 - Culminating Major Paper
Complete a project that demonstrates a synthesis and integration of coursework

These courses are not always offered as described.

What you'll learn

Every student at UVic builds skills all employers look for. At UVic Co-op & Career we call these  "competencies". 

During the program you'll have the opportunity to:

  • learn about the developments and debates informing contemporary health and social services delivery
  • develop skills in program planning, community development, human resources and fiscal management
  • complete a practicum
You can choose one area to focus on during your program:

  • ageing
  • disability Studies
  • Indigenous peoples’ health
  • international and global health and human development

What's next?

To explore more visit the public health and social policy site. For degree planning contact your adviser for help.