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Clubs & organizations

There are over 150 clubs on campus dedicated to environmental, cultural, political, religious and recreational causes. Clubs are funded by student fees and any active club is welcome to access this funding to host events, plan workshops, or buy pizza for their meetings. Clubs are open to all students.

University of Victoria Students’ Society (UVSS)

All undergraduate students at UVic are members of the UVic Students’ Society (UVSS). Founded in 1964, the UVSS is a social justice-based non-profit run by students, for students, and is separate from the university.

The UVSS provides advocacy, representation, services and events for UVic’s undergrads. The UVSS operates the Student Union Building, which houses nine unique social enterprises (businesses run for a social good). All profits go back into funding student advocacy, events and services. Plus, the UVSS provides student jobs that are flexible and work with students’ schedules.

University of Victoria Graduate Students’ Society (GSS)

All graduate students at UVic are members of the Graduate Students’ Society (GSS).

The GSS is an autonomous not-for-profit society. It acts as an advocate and provides services such as extended health and dental plans, room bookings and travel grants.

The GSS organizes graduate events and helps grad students solidify their social networks. The society operates the Halpern Centre for Graduate Students (which is home to the Grad House) where students go for grad socials, live entertainment and food and beverages.

Current clubs

The UVSS has more than 150 active clubs, which help create a dynamic and lively student community.

You can start a new club or re-register your club.

Have questions about clubs? Email us at

Book a classroom

UVic has classrooms of various sizes that students can book if they are signing authorities for clubs, course unions or advocacy groups. To book a room, your club or organization must be ratified for the current term by the University of Victoria Students’ Society (UVSS), Graduate Students’ Society (GSS) and/or Athletics and Recreation (ATRS).

If you're not part of a ratified group as listed above, refer to community bookings.

You can also book lobby space for information tables or bake sales.

Posters on campus

You can promote events and initiatives with posters on notice boards in most UVic buildings. You must get your posters approved first by visiting the UVSS Information Booth in the STUB or the ONECard Office. The ONECard Office can also distribute posters for a small fee.

Review the guidelines for posters on campus.

Course unions

We have over 40 different course unions that represent UVic’s academic departments. Membership is open to students registered in any class of that department. Course unions plan academic events and social activities related to their area of study. Ask your department if there is a course union for your field of study. If there isn’t and you’d like to start one, contact

The UVSS also has four Professional Development Unions (PDUs). They represent the interests of students in Law, Engineering, Education and Commerce.