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Funding & employment

You can fund your graduate studies through UVic scholarships, a teaching assistantship, research assistantships or a combination of all three.

Consider adding co-operative education to your degree. Our co-op program is the largest graduate co-op program in Canada.

UVic scholarships

The Faculty of Graduate Studies provides scholarships to graduate students of high academic standing. Each academic unit decides the distribution, value and duration of these scholarships.

You don't need to apply. If you are a continuing graduate student, your progress in the program will be used by your academic unit to determine your eligibility for:

  • UVic Fellowship of up to $17,500 per year (master’s) and $20,000 per year (PhD)
  • UVic Graduate Award of up to $10,000 per year (master’s and PhD) 


  • All graduate students are considered.
  • The minimum requirement for eligibility is an A- average in your most recently completed term. Meeting the minimum eligibility does not guarantee that you’ll receive a scholarship.
  • Full-time registration (3.0 units) for UVic Fellowship holders and at least part-time registration (1.5 units) for UVic Graduate Award holders.
  • Full-time registration for students registered with the Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) is 1.5 units.


You can apply through your academic unit for paid employment as a teaching assistant (TA) or research assistant (RA).

TA employment is through your academic unit, not through the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Your pay rate is determined by the university.

Contact your graduate adviser or your supervisor about TA and RA positions. Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation (LTSI) offers useful information, training and support for TAs. 

External scholarships

Many national and provincial granting agencies fund graduate students and their research.

These external scholarships are merit-based and you must apply individually. Most of the agencies have specific application guidelines and deadlines. These funding opportunities all have an internal pre-selection process coordinated through the Faculty of Graduate Studies, whose scholarship officers will assist you with your application.

Other external funding opportunities

There are other external funding opportunities that you can apply for directly. These awards do not involve an extra pre-selection step at the university level.

Contact your program graduate secretary to learn more about other funding options.

Need help?

Contact your program's graduate secretary with any funding questions.