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Mental health services

Student Wellness Centre

Anyone can struggle with mental health. We want to support students through their struggles, from decreasing stigma on campus to providing resources. Our team of counsellors, doctors and nurses at the Student Wellness Centre are here to support you.



SupportConnect is a free, confidential mental health support service for UVic students. Get connected with qualified counsellors, consultants, and life coaches anytime, anywhere.

Available 24/7 by phone and online. Video and in-person options are also available. You can reach out for any reason - big or small!

Student blog

The Student Mental Health blog is run by a group of UVic student bloggers. They’re passionate about promoting wellness and self-care practices. They work to increase awareness of topics related to mental health and decrease stigma towards mental illness.

If you’re interested in volunteering as a student mental health blogger or if you have any questions, please email us..

Mental health supports

Student wellness provides access to self-care and wellness tips. Learn about mental health and find resources that are available to you.

Facebook support group

The is an inclusive and supportive online community. They work to promote mental health awareness on campus and in the community.

Follow the page to keep up-to-date on mental health related news. You’ll also find events and activities on campus, self-care and wellness tips, and personal stories.

Mental health events calendar

Find information about upcoming mental health related events and activities on campus.

Peer support centre

The UVSS Peer Support Centre has trained student volunteers available to listen and offer non-judgmental, empathetic and confidential support to fellow students.