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Poster & notice guidelines

Before you post a notice to one of the campus community notice boards (located on the first floor of most UVic buildings), the ONECard office must review and approve your poster to ensure it complies the UVic poster board regulations .

Our office regularly reviews and maintains community notice boards for unauthorized and outdated materials.

Get a poster approved

To get your posters or banners approved, bring them to the ONECard office (located in the Jamie Cassels Centre) or the UVSS Information Booth in the Student Union Building for approval.

Posters that are approved will be stamped for a period of three weeks, and are only to be displayed on campus community notice boards. They will be removed from all other locations.

Note: If we are busy, it may take time to review and approve your poster. We'll give you an estimated turnaround time when you drop off your poster.

Posting regulations

Poster size and design

  • posters should be printed on 8.5" x 14" paper
  • use a light-coloured background
    • if your poster uses a dark-coloured-background, it must include a section with a white background so the date stamp is clearly visible

Attaching your poster

  • use staples or tacks only (do not use tape)
  • only one copy of your poster per notice board
  • post on community general notice boards only (not on walls, poles or external areas)
  • oversized posters (larger than 8.5" x 14") must be hung at the bottom of the notice board

Posters found outside of approved areas will be removed. This includes:

  • any painted, cement, or glass surfaces either inside or outside any building
  • on bus terminals and/or poles
  • attached in any way that may damage the notice board
  • on departmental boards
  • violating any municipal, provincial or federal laws

Distributing your poster

The ONECard office can distribute your poster to other UVic departments. Fill out a distribution form and submit it with your poster order.