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Social Justice Studies

In this program you’ll look at social justice from different perspectives. You’ll explore questions like:

  • How is wealth distributed?
  • What is privilege within a society?
  • Are opportunities different depending on demographics?

Potential careers

 What can you do with a social justice degree? Here are a few fields of work that relate to the program:

  • human rights
  • community development
  • environmental protection
  • intercultural communication
  • conflict resolution
  • global inequalities

Find a career that fits you

Experience & connections

  • Career Services offers programs, workshops and support during your time at UVic and beyond. 
  • With a work study position you can develop skills during your study term.
  • Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community while you build skills.

Hands-on learning opportunities

These courses in the social justice studies program offer extensive hands-on learning.


SJS 100 - Introduction to Theories of Social Justice
Uncover impacts of colonization and capitalism on an individual and structural level

SJS 200 - Introduction to the Practice of Social Justice
Engage with community activists

SOCW 350A - Social Work, Social Justice and the Law
Examine the legal issues disadvantaged or marginalized populations face

GNDR 341 - Indigenous Womxn's Autobiographies
(involves engagement with Indigenous communities)          
Explore course content by engaging with Indigenous guest speakers

Field experience          

CYC 350 - Applying Child and Youth Care Practice in Child Welfare Contexts          
Practice interviewing skills for child protection work through video role play

GNDR 334 - Bodies out of Bounds      
Go into the community to study racism in daily life

Field school

GMST 489 - I-witness Field School
(international experience)
Spend three weeks in Europe studying Holocaust memorialization


SJS 400B - Practising Social Justice in the Field           
Practice through placement with an organization, community group or service

Professional and technical skill development    

ISP 430 - Facilitating Intercultural Relationships        
Develop a range of interpersonal and organizational skills

Research project         

SJS 400A - Seminar in Social Justice Studies  
Do a conceptual project related to a topic of interest

These courses are not always offered as described.

What's next?

To explore more visit the social justice studies site. For degree planning contact your adviser for help.

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