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LE,NOṈET is designed to welcome and support Indigenous students. By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • understand how to work with Indigenous communities
  • apply research skills within Indigenous and academic contexts
  • respect Indigenous protocols and research methodologies

Potential careers

How can LE,NOṈET help you on your career path? Here are a few jobs and fields related to the program:

  • language revitalization
  • policy analyst
  • youth worker
  • education and community development
  • social services
  • health
  • media
  • arts and heritage
  • community and government relations
  • Indigenous rights and sovereignty advocacy
  • Indigenous repatriation

Find a career that fits you

Experience & connections

Opportunities in the LE,NOṈET program

  • With the Co-op Program you can alternate study with paid work. 
  • Meet with the LE,NONET experiential Student engagement and learning coordinator.
  • Meet with Elders in residence

Opportunities outside your program

  • With a work study position you can develop skills during your study term.
  • Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community while you build skills.

Hands-on learning opportunities

These courses in the LE,NOṈET program offer extensive hands-on learning.


IS 310D - LE,NONET Preparation Seminar
Gain the skills and knowledge to work respectfully with Indigenous communities; hands-on experience includes engaging with Elders, visiting Indigenous communities, etc.

Field placement

IS 321 - LE,NONET Community Internship
Gain practical experience working in an Indigenous community or organization (120 hours)

Research project

IS 320 - LE,NONET Research Apprenticeship
Conduct research that will positively contribute to Indigenous communities (120 hours)

Community engagement

Campus Cousins
Build community by hosting academic or social events

International exchange

Indigenous International Exchange Program
Take part in a work exchange program 

These courses are not always offered as described.

What's next?

To explore more visit the LE,NOṈET site. For degree planning contact your adviser for help.

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