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Indigenous Studies

In this program you’ll look at Indigenous ways of knowing and learning. You’ll study the social, political, cultural and historical contexts that shape the lives of Indigenous peoples.

Potential careers

What can you do with an Indigenous studies degree? Here are a few jobs that relate to the program:

  • cultural advisor
  • land management
  • cultural land use mapping
  • project coordinator
  • policy analyst
  • community engagement coordinator
  • human resources specialist
  • accessibility coordinator
  • equity, diversity and inclusion specialist
  • legal professional
  • reconciliation consultant
  • communications specialist
  • teacher or instructor
  • entrepreneur

Some of these roles may require post-graduate studies or training. 

Find a career that fits you

Experience & connections

Opportunities in the Indigenous studies program

  • With the Co-op Program you can alternate study with paid work. 

Opportunities outside your program

  • With a work study position you can develop skills during your study term.
  • Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community while you build skills.

Networks you can connect to

Here are a few professional associations related to Indigenous studies:

Hands-on learning opportunities

These courses in the Indigenous studies program offer extensive hands-on learning.


Co-op work terms       
Alternate academic study with paid work terms to gain workplace experience

Field experience         

IS 450 - Indigenous Studies in the Field
(involves engagement with Indigenous communities)
Learn about traditional Indigenous teachings and practices through community- and land-based opportunities

Research project        

IS 4991A - Seminar in Arts, Literatures and Languages 
Research a topic in art, literature and language

IS 491B - Seminar in Histories, Politics, Laws and Lands
Research a topic in history, politics, law and lands

IS 491C - Seminar in Education, Health and Healing       
Research a topic in education, health and healing

IS 491D - Seminar in Community and Land-Based Learning     
Research a topic in community- and land-based learning

Professional and technical skill development

IS 310D - LE,NONET Preparation Seminar
Learn to work with Indigenous communities and organizations

IS 350 - Methods, Ethics, Protocols             
Learn the appropriate research approaches, principles, ethics, and methodologies in conducting research that concerns Indigenous peoples

Work experience        

Work experience work terms
Take part in a modified co-op program requiring one or two work experiences

These courses are not always offered as described.

What's next?

To explore more visit the Indigenous studies site. For degree planning contact your adviser for help.