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Program changes

Students change their programs for a variety of reasons, from discovering new interests to entering programs that are only available after one or more years of post-secondary study.

If you have questions about changing your program, contact your academic adviser. They'll help you to understand all of your options and how the change will affect your graduation timeline.

Do I need to submit an application?

In most cases, you'll need to submit an application for a program change. You'll be evaluated as a transfer student and will need to meet the admission requirements for your new program.

If you've been away from UVic for more than one year, you'll need to apply for readmission.

Changing within Humanities, Science and Social Sciences

You don't need to apply for a program change if:

  1. your current program is in Humanities, Science or Social Sciences, and
  2. your new program is also in Humanities, Science or Social Sciences.

Instead of submitting an application, you can change your program through Online tools.

Admission requirements

To view the admission requirements for transfer students, find your program in the Undergraduate Admissions website and enter the following criteria:

  • My education level: Transfer student or graduate from college or university
  • I am studying at a: Canadian college or university
  • My curriculum: Canadian university (including UVic)

Depending on the program, you may also need to submit supplemental information such as a resume or portfolio.

Grades and transcripts

You don't need to submit your UVic transcript or any grades that you provided when you first applied to UVic (e.g. your high school transcript).

If you're currently registered in classes at UVic, we'll usually wait for your final grades before making a decision.

Application deadlines

Refer to the academic calendar to see program-change deadlines by faculty and program.

Submit an application

To apply for a program change:

  1. Log in to the UVic online application with your Netlink ID.
  2. Select "Start a new application" and complete the questions.
  3. When asked, indicate that you want to change your program.