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Readmission is the process of reactivating your UVic student record so that you can register in future courses. Apply for readmission if:

  • you've been away from UVic for more than one year (three terms) and want to return to your previous program (or request a new one)
  • you completed a certificate/diploma/degree program at UVic (undergraduate or graduate) and want to start a new undergraduate program.
If you're a current UVic undergraduate student, learn how to change your program.

Admission requirements

Your application for readmission will be evaluated based on:

  • your academic record at UVic
  • courses you've completed at other post-secondary institutions

You must submit official transcripts for courses completed at other post-secondary institutions while you were away from UVic.

Students who were required to withdraw

If you were required to withdraw from UVic, your transcripts must show that you've completed the coursework necessary for readmission. Check the conditions stated in the email you received from UVic when you were required to withdraw.

Changing your program

If you request to change your program, you'll be evaluated as a transfer student and will need to meet the admission requirements for the new program. This may include providing supplemental information such as a resume or portfolio.

To view the admission requirements for transfer students, find your program and indicate that you are a transfer student or a graduate from college or university.

Application deadlines

Refer to the academic calendar to see application deadlines by faculty and program.

Application fees

The application fee for readmission is $22.50. You'll pay this fee when you submit your online application.

If you completed coursework at another post-secondary institution, an additional fee of $51 will apply to evaluate your new transcripts. This fee is assessed after your application and transcripts are received, and you'll be contacted by Undergraduate Admissions with instructions for paying it.

Apply for readmission

To apply for readmission:

  1. Log in to the UVic online application with your Netlink ID.
  2. Select "Start a new application" and complete the questions.
  3. When asked, indicate if you want to resume your original program or apply to a new one.
  4. Submit the application and pay the application fee.

Need help?

If you have a question about readmission, contact the admission assistant for your program.