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When parents and other family members are concerned about you, they might want to get more information or speak to others at UVic on your behalf. There are important considerations to keep in mind regarding confidentiality.

What information is confidential?

UVic has policies they need to adhere to in order to ensure confidentiality and protect your privacy. You should speak to your support network so they understand what you feel comfortable sharing with them.

Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), the university cannot release your personal or academic information without your consent. You therefore will need to discuss sharing information with your parent or guardian in advance. Our staff will let them know if we can’t discuss something with them based on privacy laws.

Information sharing

UVic will only share information with someone else if you have given consent in writing to do so. You can do this by setting up a proxy. However, in urgent circumstances where you can't provide consent, the university may disclose personal information as authorized by FIPPA.

This may occur when there are compelling circumstances about the imminent health and safety of yourself or others at the university. This includes emergencies, extreme emotional distress, injury, interpersonal conflicts and other circumstances of this nature.

Setting up a proxy

Complete the proxy form to enable others to make inquiries on your behalf or have access to your UVic student record. This form grants access to academic records maintained by the Office of the Registrar.

  • Personal & biographical information
  • Registration
  • Grades and official transcripts
  • Academic standing
  • Scholarships and financial aid

To grant proxy for information held by other units (faculties and academic advising offices, the Centre for Accessible Learning, Residence Services, etc.), contact the unit directly.

Note: to protect your privacy, proxies that were granted when you applied to UVic expired when the admission process was completed.

What can and cannot be released?

Under FIPPA, we can’t release personal or academic information without consent. Read our Protection of Privacy Policy for more information.

The Privacy and Access to Information Office  responds to all freedom of information requests for the university. You can contact them for any questions, requests or concerns regarding privacy or access to information at UVic.

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