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Cannabis use

UVic is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for everyone. Like tobacco, smoking and vaping cannabis on campus is restricted to specific areas.

UVic does not promote cannabis use, but we know that some people will choose to use it. Our approach includes prevention, harm reduction and health promotion using evidence-based information.

Harm reduction

Cannabis isn’t for everyone. Substance use can affect your physical and mental health so it’s important to understand the risks and make informed choices. The way it affects you depends on different factors, including the reasons behind your use, your physical and mental health and the environment you’re in.

UVic smoking & vaping policy

Smoking or vaping cannabis is allowed only in designated areas on campus. These areas are intended for students of legal age (19 years or older) who live on campus.   

Remember there are federalprovincial and municipal laws and bylaws governing recreational cannabis use. Do your research before lighting up at a public park (hint: it’s illegal).

Safer cannabis use

Here are some tips for a safer, more positive, experience with cannabis.

  • Be clear about why you want to use. Is it going to help you in some way or make things worse?
  • Try a small amount first. Some strains may have a stronger effect than you expect.
  • Avoid cannabis smoke if possible. It contains tar and toxins and can be harmful to your lungs.
  • Use occasionally rather than frequently. This can help avoid cannabis becoming a coping mechanism and can preserve the relaxation effect when you do use.
  • Keep your tolerance in check by skipping a couple of days before you get high again.
  • Avoid using if you have a family or personal history of mental illness. Cannabis us may increase the risk of psychotic symptoms.

Check out Canada’s Lower Risk Guidelines Cannabis for more info about safer cannabis use practices.

Where to find help

If you believe you might be experiencing problematic use or want to learn more, there’s support at UVic.

Contact the Student Wellness Centre at 250-721-8563, or the UVSS Peer Support Centre.

If you have questions about cannabis use on campus, please contact