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Course timetable

The online timetable shows what courses are available in upcoming academic terms.

  • The Winter Session timetable is available in mid-May, and includes courses in the Fall (September-December) and Spring (January-April) academic terms.
  • The Summer Session timetable is available in mid-February, and includes courses that take place between May and August.

You can search the online timetable by course, duration and instructional method. Filter by instructional method to see courses that are offered face to face, online or in a blended format.

For additional filters such as keywords, schedule type and class start/end times, click the "Advanced Search" button.

Course descriptions and requirements

Refer to the academic calendar for more details about courses, including descriptions, prerequisites and corequisites.

How to read course entries

The search results show all of the course entries that match your criteria. If a course has more than one section, each section will have its own entry in the timetable.

  • Each course entry shows the course title, meeting times, number of seats available, spaces on the waitlist and linked sections.
  • If the "Meeting Times" for a course entry are "TBA", check the additional class details for more information.

View additional class details

Click the course title to view additional class details, including:

  • Course Description
    • Links to the calendar description and prerequisites for the course
    • Important notes on course instruction
  • Instructor/Meeting Time
    • Includes the start and end dates of the course
  • Enrolment Restrictions
    • Shows restrictions such as level, year standing and declared program

Instructional methods

The instructional method for a course is listed in the search results, and can also be found under the "Course Description" tab in the additional class details. You can also search for classes by one or more instructional methods.

Information on the different methods can be found in the academic calendar (Undergraduate | Graduate) under "Course Modality").

Timetable comments

Many course sections have additional details regarding the course delivery or requirements. Check the "Course Description" tab to view any comments before you register for a course.

Summer courses

If you're registering for Summer Session, check the start and end dates of courses. Courses with shorter durations may have more classes or longer class times.

  1. In the search results, click the title of a course entry to view additional class details
  2. Click on "Instructor/Meeting Times" in the "Class Details" popup window

You can also search for courses by duration.

Course duration Options
Full-session (May to August)
  • Full Term
  • Law - Full Term
Condensed (two months)
  • May-June (Term 2)
  • July-August (Term 3)
Intensive (one month)
  • May (Term 4)
  • June (Term 5)
  • July (Term 6)
  • August (Term 7)