Newly accepted students

Congratulations on being accepted as a new graduate student at UVic. Below are some of the things you’ll want to check off your list to prepare for your studies here.

Accept your offer of admission

If you decide to accept your offer of admission, please contact Graduate Admissions and Records at the email address indicated in your admission letter to secure your place.

Consult the Graduate Calendar

Consult the Graduate Calendar to get to know the UVic policies, program guidelines and course options relevant to you.

Set up a NetLink ID, UVic email account and more

  • As soon as you are accepted to UVic and have your student number, you can register for a NetLink account. Your NetLink ID gives you access to a range of UVic computer systems and services.

  • You will use your NetLink ID throughout your university career to log in to computers on campus and to access UVic’s central email system. When you register for your NetLink ID, you will be given an option to create your UVic email account at the same time.

  • You will also use your NetLink ID to access the My Page portal where you'll access your student record, make changes to your personal information and register for courses.

  • See UVic Systems’ New student checklist to find out more about gaining access to computing services, including our wireless network.

Find an academic supervisor (if necessary)

  • Connecting with an available academic supervisor who is a good match to see you through a thesis, research project or dissertation is a key piece of the graduate puzzle.

  • There is some variation when it comes to academic supervision at UVic, so be sure to confirm the specific details with your academic unit. Check in with your advising and program contacts where necessary. At UVic, you may be assigned a supervisor or expected to find your own.

  • In some cases, you must identify an available supervisor before you begin your studies. Either way, it pays to do your homework up front.

Register for courses

You must have a NetLink ID in order to register for courses since this is done directly through the My Page portal.

You will be notified by email when your registration date is available via My Page.

For more information, talk with your supervisor or academic unit about selecting and registering for graduate courses and see our course registration guidance.

Obtain your UVic ONECard

  • Your UVic ONECard is your single official form of identification as a registered student and is used throughout your full course of study. It is also your bus pass, student meal plan card, library card and athletics pass. Cards are issued by the ONECard office located in the lobby of the University Centre.

  • Once you are eligible to register for courses, you can obtain your ONECard.

  • You will require your student number and one piece of government-issued photo identification.

Highlight important dates and deadlines

Be sure to flag the dates and deadlines most important to you, whether those related to your program, fees and funding, or graduation.

Get to know your campus

Investigate your health and dental coverage

Visit the Graduate Students’ Society health and dental plans page for information about medical and dental insurance.

Student mental health
Professional development
Three Minute Thesis (3MT)
Graduate Students' Society

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