Final submission

When you have successfully defended your thesis or dissertation, and you have made all corrections required by your examining committee, your supervisor will confirm that your work is ready for submission to UVicSpace.

At this time, compare your final thesis to the thesis format checklist and sample pages. Ask a colleague to flip through the pages, looking for anything that is displaying oddly: blank pages, track changes markups, page numbers out of sequence, and so on.

When you have created an account in UVicSpace, contact your GARO clerk by email to request that your account be linked to the Graduate Studies archival collection. You will then be able to submit your thesis.

A GARO clerk will review the format of your thesis, using the same checklist. You will receive an email that lists any required changes or confirms that the format has been approved.

When your thesis format has been approved, the UVic librarians will archive and publish your thesis. If you have requested that your thesis be withheld, the librarians will enforce the withholding in accordance with the approval by FGS.

In summary:

  1. Defend your thesis. Bring the thesis approval form to your exam and return it to your graduate secretary. (Some departments have a different process - check with your grad secretary).
  2. Make corrections required by the examining committee.
  3. Submit this to your supervisor for final approval.
  4. Create a UVicSpace account and email your GARO clerk.
  5. Check the format of your thesis against the thesis format checklist and sample pages.
  6. Submit your thesis.
  7. A GARO clerk will review the format: wait for email confirmation.
  8. Make any required corrections to the format and resubmit this to UVicSpace. Wait for email confirmation.
  9. When approved, celebrate! The UVic librarians archive and publish your thesis.
  10. Receive the final email from the UVic librarians: this contains the permanent link to your thesis.


Submit an application for graduation through MyPage and ensure that you have met all graduation requirements in order to complete your program. For convocation information, see the Ceremonies and Special Events convocation website.

Completion Postponement Fee Adjustment (CPFA)

Students who have defended their project, thesis or dissertation within the first 15 days of a term may be eligible for the Completion Postponement Fee Adjustment ($255) in lieu of a full tuition fee payment. Full details are available in the calendar.

To be eligible, students must be registered in the term in which the defense takes place, and have paid their minimum program fee instalments prior to that term. Final documents must be received in GARO by the final business day of the month.

Students making use of the CPFA will not be eligible for graduation in the term in which they defend. Students completing under the provisions of the CPFA in September or January will graduate in the spring, and students completing under CPFA in May will graduate in the fall.

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