Certificate Program

The Medical Physics Group at UVic/VIC offers a CAMPEP accredited certificate program in medical physics.

Admission deadline and requirements

Entry to the program is in September of each year and is administered on a competitive basis.

Applications are accepted at any time. However, if you are applying from outside of Canada, please keep in mind that it may take time to acquire a study permit or visa. Therefore, international applications should be submitted as early as possible.

Minimum requirements include a PhD in physics or closely related discipline. Additionally, the applicant must have taken at least three upper division physics courses. Examples include Quantum Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Electromagnetism, and Statistical Mechanics. Required documentation is the same as that for any of our Physics & Astronomy graduate programs as explained in our list of graduate Frequently Asked Questions.

Applications are made through the Office of the Registrar Apply for Admission portal.

For other program requirements and courses see the UVic Graduate Calendar page.


First term courses:

  • PHYS 534: Radiotherapy Physics I
  • PHYS 540: Medical Imaging

Second term courses:

  • PHYS 535: Radiotherapy Physics II
  • PHYS 539: Radiation Dosimetry
  • PHYS 544: Radiation Biophysics

Additional courses:

  • PHYS 545: Anatomy and Physiology (online)

A full description of each of the courses can be found under the Courses page.



Exact tuition costs are yet to be finalized and are approximately $11,000 for domestic students and $14,000 for international students for the program.

Certificate students are eligible to apply for TA positions, although priority is given to MSc and PhD students. Quality assurance (QA) positions are also available at BC Cancer for clinical experience.