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Aboriginal Health Research, Centre for ResearchSaunders Annex Directory
Academic Calendar AcademicAdministrativecourses registrar timetable
Academic dates AcademicAdministrativedeadlines registration tuition exams thanksgiving christmas reading break easter summer session convocation holidays
AccessibilityServiceCampus Services Building Contact info Accessibility Services Support Accessible
Accessible Learning, Centre for ServiceCampus Services Directory
Accountability AcademicAdministrativeContact info Support Programming Reports Performance Reviews Governance
Accounting ServicesAdministrativeMichael WilliamsDirectoryTuition fees Appeal for fee reduction Graduate student tuition income offset plan Pre-authorized debit cancellation notice Tuition fee estimator See all Payroll Canada Savings Bonds 2016 e-campaign Payroll direct deposit authorization Payroll timesheets & special payments forms Position status change request Recommendation for appointments See all Accounts payable Business reimbursement expense claim Payment request form Prepaid travel/advance Travel expense reimbursement claim See all Financial accounting Request to establish a new FAST account FAST document identification codes Fiscal month-end deadline schedule Training materials See all Accounts receivable Invoice detail requirements Request for customer profiles Banking, cash & payment card services Cash & cheque remittance Cash float requests Credit card remittance See all Research accounting How to access your research account in FAST Viewing research, specific purpose or capital accounts in FAST Leadership Advice & guidance Organizational chart Process improvement
Admissions AcademicAdministrativeUniversity Centre DirectoryAdmissions Apply Undergraduate Graduate Programs Deadlines
Advanced Materials and Related Technology, Centre for ResearchElliottContact infocamtec science
Advanced Microscopy Facility AcademicResearchBob Wright CentreDirectory
Advancement Services (see External Relations)ServiceIan Stewart Complex Contact info alumni relations programs
Advising Centre for Humanities, Science and Social SciencesAcademicUniversity Centre Directoryadvising humanities science
Aging and Lifelong Health, Institute on ResearchR HutContact info aging health research
Alumni AssociationAcademicIan Stewart Complex Directoryalumni relations convocation volunteer connect
Animal Care Committee ResearchMichael Williams Building Contact info animal care research
Animal Care Services ServiceMichael Williams Building Contact info animal care housing
Anthropology AcademicCornettDirectorysocial sciences
Archives AcademicResearchMcPherson Library Directoryhistorical records preservation primary sources anarchist studies arts and culture environmental studies literary history and criticism political and historical affairs transgender studies women's studies database photograph collection archival resources
Art History and Visual Studies AcademicAdministrativeFine Arts Building Directoryart history electives cultural heritage studies film studies design theories of vision create
Asia-Pacific Initiatives, Centre for AcademicResearchSedgewick Contact info pacific rim research civil society internships scholarships policy
Astronomy Research Centre ResearchElliottContact infoastronomers, science
Athletics OtherCARSADirectorySports Athletics Vikes Varsity Basketball Soccer Golf Swimming Rugby Field Hockey Rowing XC Track
AudioVisual Services ServiceClearihue Contact info multimedia video production recording webcasting equipment rentals
Auditorium OtherUniversity Centre DirectoryFarquhar events tickets symphony orchestra
Banking ServiceATM Royal Bank
Bargaining information Contact info
Beck Lecture Series AcademicClearihue Contact info Icelandic literature and culture germanic slavic studies
Benefits for faculty and staffServiceSedgewick Directorybenefit plans healthcare dental life insurance disability insurance counseling
Bike Centre, Campus ServiceUniversity Centre Contact info SPOKES bike repair cycling
Biochemistry and Microbiology AcademicPetch Directory undergraduate graduate molecular biology biotechnology
Biology AcademicCunningham Directorymarine biology forest biology earth and ocean sciences
Biomedical Research, Centre for ResearchPetch Contact info health research molecular biological studies mechanisms of disease general cafe scientifique seminar series
Board of Governors AdministrativeAdministrative ServicesContact info management administration control of property revenue business and affairs executive and governance committee finance committee university operations and facilities committee audit committee compensation and review committee
BookingsAcademicServiceUniversity Centre Contact info academic timetable scheduling casual academic bookings
Bookstore ServiceCampus Services Directory textbooks general books merchandise computer store
Brand guidelines OtherContact info edge brand style guide digital signage communications marketing website social media
Budget and Capital Planning AdministrativeMichael Williams Directory financial planning spending accounting
Buildings AcademicAdministrativeResearchServiceContact info maps
Bursaries and Scholarships AcademicAdministrativeContact us awards financial aid funding budgeting work-study
Bus routes ServiceOtherContact info transportion
Calendar Academic
Calendar archiveAcademic
CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) Facility ServiceClearihue Directory
Campus Construction Other
Campus PlanOther
Campus Planning Committee AdministrativeMichael Williams Directory
Campus Planning, Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability AdministrativeMichael Williams Directory
Campus Security ServicesServiceCampus Security Directory lost and found lockers parking tickets alarm response safe haven safe walk emergency medical response crime prevention
Campus Services ServiceCampus Services Directory Admissions and program questions academic advising student awards financial aid course registration transcripts records tuition residence services resource centre for students with a disability student medical
Campus Tours Service
Centre for Advanced Materials and Related Technology (CAMTEC)ResearchContact info
Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis ResearchDirectory
Canadian Institute for Climate Studies ResearchUniversity House 1Directory
Canadian Institute for Substance Use ResearchResearchTechnology Enterprise FacilityDirectorydrugs, alcohol, carbc, cisur, addiction
Canadian Studies AcademicContact info
CanAssist ServiceCARSAContact info
Capital PlanAdministrativeContact info
Career Services (employment for students)ServiceCampus Services Directory
Careers at UVic AdministrativeContact info
Carpenter ShopOtherSaunders Directory
Catering (Degrees Catering)ServiceCraigdarroch Office Bldg. Directory
Centre for Aboriginal Health Research ResearchSaunders Annex Directory
Centre for Accessible LearningServiceCampus Services Directory
Centre for Asia-Pacific InitiativesAcademicResearchSedgewick Contact info pacific rim research civil society internships scholarships policy
Centre for Athletics, Recreation and Special Abilities (CARSA)ServiceCARSAContact info vikes recreation athletics
Centre for Biomedical ResearchResearchPetch Contact info health, research, molecular, biological, disease, cafe scientifique, seminar
Centre for Forest Biology AcademicResearchCunningham Directory
Centre for Global Studies AcademicResearchSedgewick Directory
Centre for Indigenous Research and Community-Led EngagementResearchContact info
Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation AcademicResearchBusiness and Economics Contact info Business Gustavson
Centre for Studies in Religion and Society AcademicResearchSedgewick Directory
Centre for Youth and Society ResearchUniversity House 3Directory
Ceremonies and Special Events OtherCornettDirectory
CFUV RadioOtherSUB Contact info
Chapel Bookings ServiceInterfaith Chapel Contact info Worship church multifaith payer meditation
Chemistry AcademicElliott Directory
Child and Youth Care AcademicResearchHuman and Social Development Directory
Child Care Services ServiceChild Care Services Directory
Cinecenta ServiceSUB Contact info campus movie theatre
Civil Engineering AcademicCivil Engineering Wing Directory
Co-operative Education and Career Services AcademicServiceBusiness and Economics Directoryco-op, coop, career, careers, learning in motion
Commerce Students Society AcademicBusiness and Economics Contact info
Communications + MarketingAdministrativeSedgewickDirectorynews press releases alerts
Community and Government Relations AdministrativeMichael Williams Directory
Community-University EngagementAcademicAdministrativeServiceContact infoengaged learning, engaged research, partnership, partners
Commuting Options Othersustainable transportation
Computer Help Desk ServiceClearihue Directorycomputers software
Computer Science AcademicEngineering/Computer Science Directorycompsci engineering computing
Computer Store ServiceCampus Services Directory
Computing and Educating Services ServiceMearns Learning Centre Contact info
Computing and Systems Services ServiceClearihue Directory
Continuing Studies AcademicContinuing Studies Building Directory
Convocation AcademicContact info
Copyright OfficeAdministrativeMcPherson LibraryContact infolibrary
Counselling Services ServiceUniversity Centre Directory
Course Catalogue AcademicAdministrative
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) infoAcademicAdministrativeServicehealth virus travel tips faq
Cultural, Social, and Political Thought AcademicCornett Directory
Cultural Resource Management AcademicResearchContinuing Studies Building DirectoryHeritage studies indigenous language and culture intercultural education museum studies
CUPE Local 917ServiceTechnology Enterprise Facility Directorystaff trades grounds workers security officers facility attendants and janitorial maintenance food service workers
CUPE Local 951ServiceTechnology Enterprise Facility Directorystaff office employees library assistants technicians nurses and childcare workers
Curriculum and InstructionAcademicMacLaurin Directoryeducation teaching
Cycling Advisory Committee OtherContact info
Development ServiceIan Stewart Complex Directory
Disability Services ServiceCampus Services DirectoryLearning assistance
Discrimination and Harassment ServiceSedgewick Directoryequity human rights
Distance Education Services ServiceContinuing Services Building Directory
Distribution Services ServiceSaunders Annex Directorymail services internal delivery furniture rentals
Doctoral programs Academic
Downtown Legacy Gallery Other630 Yates Street Contact info
Dunsmuir Lodge Other
e-Procurement Services ServiceSaunders Annex Directory
Earth and Ocean Sciences AcademicServiceBob Wright Centre DirectoryGlobal climate change earthquake hazard natural resource planning greenhouse gas/ozone-level monitoring marine pollution and groundwater contamination
Eco-Research Chair in Environmental Law and PolicyResearch
Economics AcademicBusiness and Economics Directory
EdgeAdministrativeBrand discovery innovation creative sustainability Indigenous international perspectives economic well-being technological advances social justice
Edge Brand Guidelines Administrative
Education, Faculty of AcademicMacLaurin Directoryteaching teachers
Educational Employees Union, CUPE 4163AdministrativeTechnology Enterprise Facility Directory
Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies MacLaurin Directory
eHealth Observatory ResearchHuman and Social Development Directory
Electrical and Computer Engineering AcademicEngineering Office Wing Directory
Electrical ShopServiceSaunders Directory
Elementary Teacher Education Program AcademicMacLaurin Directory
Emergency Alerts Service
Emergency Planning Service
Employee and Family Assistance Program Service
Employment at UVic AdministrativeServiceContact info
Employment for Students ServiceContact info
Energy Systems and Transport Phenomena Lab (ESPT)ResearchEngineering Office Wing Contact info Institute for Integral Energy Systems
Engineering, Faculty of AcademicEngineering Office Wing Directory
Engineering Students Society AcademicEngineering Lab Wing Contact info
English, Department of AcademicClearihue Directory
English Language Centre ServiceContinuing Studies Contact info
Environmental Studies AcademicDavid Turpin Directory
Equity and Human Rights ServiceSedgewick Directory
Equity Lens in Public Health (ELPH)ResearchContact info
European Studies Program AcademicResearchContact info
Exam Schedule Administrative
Executive AdministrativeContact info
Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education, School of AcademicMcKinnon Directory
Expertise Database Research
External Relations ServiceAlumni House Directory
Facilities Management ServiceSaunders Directoryaccessibility development finance administration grounds and environmental distribution sustainability
Facts and Figures Administrative
Faculty and librarian unionization AdministrativeContact info
Faculty Association AdministrativeUniversity House 2 Directory
Family CentreServiceStudent Family Housing Contact info
Farquhar Auditorium OtherUniversity Centre Directory
Federal Contractors Program (FCP) Survey Other
Fees, graduate
Fees, undergraduate Other
Film Studies AcademicResearchContact info
Financial PlanningAdministrativeServiceMichael Williams BuildingDirectory
Financial Services ServiceMichael Williams BuildingDirectory
Fine Arts, Faculty ofAcademicFine Arts Building Directoryart visual visual arts writing school or music
Finnerty Gardens OtherContact info
First Peoples House AcademicServiceFirst Peoples HouseContact info Indigenous students social cultural and academic centre
First year program guide Other
Food Services ServiceRobert Carroll Residence Directorycafeteria eating mystic market pizza
Forest Biology, Centre for AcademicResearchContact info
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy OtherContact info
French AcademicClearihue Directory
Fundraising ServiceAlumni House Directory
Gender Studies AcademicResearchClearihue Directory
Office of the General Counsel (GENC)AdministrativeSedgewickDirectorygenc, general counsel, privacy, privacy office, legal, counsel, foipop, access office
Geography AcademicResearchDavid Turpin Directory
Geomatics AcademicResearchDavid Turpin Contact info
Germanic and Slavic Studies AcademicResearchClearihue Directorygermanic studies russian ukrainian eastern european europe
Giving to UVic ServiceAlumni House Directorydonations
Global Engagement AcademicResearchUniversity Centre Directory
Global Studies, Centre for AcademicResearchSedgewick Contact info
Governance AdministrativeContact info
Grad HouseServiceHalpern Centre for Graduate Studies Directorygss lounge restaurant food graduates
Graduate Admissions and Records AdministrativeUniversity Centre Directory
Graduate programs AcademicAdministrativeContact info
Graduate student orientation Service
Graduate Students' Society ServiceHalpern Centre for Graduate Studies Directorygss
Graduate Studies, Faculty ofAcademicAdministrativeUniversity Centre Directoryadmissions masters phd
Graduation information OtherContact info
Graphic Design Services ServiceHSDContact info
Greek and Roman Studies AcademicResearchClearihue Directory
Grounds ServiceSaunders Directory
Business, Peter B. Gustavson School ofAcademicResearchBusiness and Economics Directory
Health and Society AcademicResearchCornett
Health Information Science AcademicResearchHuman and Social DevelopmentDirectoryhsd hinf
Health Research and Education ResearchContact info
Health Services ServiceJack Petersen Health Centre Directory
Herbarium ResearchContact info biology conservation
Hispanic and Italian Studies AcademicResearchClearihue Directory
History AcademicResearchClearihue Directory
History in Art AcademicFine Arts Building Directoryfine arts
Honour rollAcademic
Hours of Operation Other
Housing, On-CampusServiceCraigdarroch Office Contact info
Human and Social Development, Faculty ofAcademicResearchHuman and Social DevelopmentDirectoryhsd
Human Dimensions of Climate Change AcademicResearchCornett
Human Research Ethics ResearchMichael Williams Directory
Human Resources ServiceSedgewick Directorycompensation benefits hiring consulting labour employee relations health and wellness return to work occupational health and safety
Human Rights ServiceSedgewick Directory
Humanities Computing and Media Centre ServiceMcPherson Library, Mearns CentreDirectoryhcmc
Humanities, Faculty ofAcademicResearchClearihue Directoryenglish french gender studies germanic slavic greek roman hispanic italian history linguistics pacific asian studies philosophy latin american studies medieval studies religious studies
Important academic dates Academic
Indigenous Academic and Community Engagement, Office of AdministrativeServiceFirst Peoples House Directory
Indigenous at UVic AcademicServiceContact info
Indigenous EducationAcademicMacLaurin Building A260Directory
Indigenous Governance AcademicResearchHSDDirectory
Indigenous Nationhood graduate certificateAcademicinterdisciplinary
Indigenous Research and Community-Led Engagement, Centre for ResearchContact info
Indigenous Studies AcademicResearchCornett Contact info
Indigenous Academic and Community Engagement, Office ofAdministrativeServiceFirst Peoples HouseContact infoiace, Indigenous, community
Institute for Integrated Energy Systems AcademicResearchEngineering Office Wing Directory
Institute of Aboriginal People's Health ResearchMichael Williams Directory
Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health ResearchR-HutDirectory
Institutional Planning and AnalysisServiceContinuing StudiesDirectory
Instructional Technology Services ServiceHuman and Social Development Directory
Insurance ServiceMichael Williams Directoryrisk management
Interdisciplinary Academic Programs, Office of AcademicCornett Directoryhuman dimensions of climate change indigenous studies minor technology and society social dimensions of health cultural social and political thought social justice studies
Internal Audit AdministrativeUniversity Centre Directory
International Institute for Child Rights and DevelopmentResearchSedgewick Directory
International Student Services ServiceUniversity Centre Directoryoutgoing exchange incoming exchange
Intramurals OtherIan Stewart Complex Directory
Island Medical Program AcademicResearchMedical Sciences Building Directory
Janitorial Services ServiceSaunders Directory
Job Postings OtherContact info
Journalism AcademicResearchFine Arts Building Contact info professional writing minor program
KnowlEDGE Researchvictoria times colonist communications and marketing
Laboratory for Automation, Communication and Information Systems Research AcademicServiceEngineering Lab Wing
Latin American Studies AcademicResearchClearihueDirectory
Law, Faculty ofAcademicResearchFraserDirectoryJD laywer judge
Law Library AcademicFraserDirectory
Law Students Society AcademicFraserContact info
Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation (LTSI)AcademicResearchHickman Directory
Legacy Art Galleries OtherLegacy Art Gallery Directory
Libraries AcademicResearchServiceMcPherson Library Directorylibrary mcpherson mearns
Library Database AcademicServiceMcPherson Library Directory
Linguistics AcademicResearchClearihue Directoryhumanities
Logos (Graphic standards)Administrativeedge brand
Mail Services AdministrativeServiceContact info
Malahat ReviewServiceSUB newspaper, publication, student paper
Martlet, The ServiceSUB newspaper, publication, student paper
Masters programs Academic
Mathematics and Statistics AcademicDavid Turpin Directorymath stats science
Mechanical Engineering AcademicEngineering Office Wing Directory
Media experts list
Medical Physics AcademicResearchElliott
Medical Sciences, Division ofAcademicResearchMedical Sciences Building Directoryneuroscience island medical program
Medieval Studies AcademicResearchClearihue Directoryhumanities
Multifaith Services ServiceCampus Services Directoryinterfaith chapel Bahà'aí Buddhist Christian Jewish Catholic Muslim Unitarian
Museum Studies AcademicResearchContinuing Studies Building Directory
Music AcademicMacLaurin DirectoryComposition theory music history music arts performance music education music and CSC major
National Consortium for Indigenous Economic Development (NCIED)ResearchContact info
Native Students Union ServiceSUB
New Student Orientation ServiceSUB Directory
Nursing AcademicResearchHuman and Social Development Directory
Occupational Health, Safety and Environment ServiceSedgewick Directoryresearch safety
Ocean Networks CanadaAcademicAdministrativeResearch
Off-Campus Housing Registry ServiceCraigdarroch Office
Office of Indigenous Affairs AdministrativeServiceFirst Peoples House Directory
Office of Interdisciplinary Academic Programs AcademicCornett Directory
Office of Research Services ResearchServiceMichael Williams Directory
Office of Student lifeAdministrativeServiceUniversity Centre B202Contact info
General Counsel (GENC)AdministrativeSedgewickDirectorygenc, general counsel, privacy, privacy office, legal, counsel, foipop, access office
Office of the President AdministrativeMichael Williams Directory
Ombudsperson, UVSSServiceSUB Directory
ONECard Office ServiceUniversity Centre Directory
Job opportunities for faculty, librarians and leadersOtherContact info employment recruitment job jobs employment faculty librarians work postings
OREG BulletinAcademicAdministrativeServiceUpdates from the Office of the Registrar
Organizational Chart Administrativegovernance administration
Pacific and Asian Studies AcademicResearchClearihue Directory
Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium ResearchUniversity House 1 Directory
Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions AcademicResearchUniversity House 1Directory
Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) AcademicResearchDavid Turpin Directory
Paint Shop ServiceSaunders Directory
Parking ServiceCampus Security Directory
PayrollServiceMichael WilliamsDirectoryHRIS accounting
PensionsAdministrativeMichael WilliamsDirectory
Gustavson School of Business, Peter B.AcademicBusiness and Economics Directory commerce masters of global business PhD International management
PhD Programs Academic
Philosophy AcademicClearihue Directory
Phoenix Theatre Box Office Phoenix Theatre
Photographic Services ServiceDavid Turpin Building Directory
Physical Education AcademicMcKinnon Directory
Physics and Astronomy AcademicResearchElliott Directoryscience
Physiotherapy Ian Stewart Complex Contact info
Planning and Priorities Committee AdministrativeContact info
Plumbing Shop ServiceSaunders Directory
Policies and Procedures AdministrativeContact info
Polis Project Research
Political Science AcademicResearchDavid Turpin Building Directory
President's Office AdministrativeMichael Williams Building Directory
Prevention of Discrimination and Harassment (Equity and Human Rights)ServiceSedgewick Directory
Priestly Law Library AcademicFraser Directory
Printing and Duplicating ServiceSaunders Annex Directory
Professional Communication AcademicClearihue Contact info
Professional Employee Association ServiceDirectory
Project ServeOtherContact infovolunteer, community
PsychologyAcademicResearchCornett Directory
Public Administration AdministrativeHSDDirectory
Media relations and public affairsSedgewick Directorycommunications ucam
Public Health and Social Policy, School of AcademicResearchHSD Directory
Publications communications and marketing
Purchasing Services ServiceSaunders Annex Directory
Record Services (Registrar)ServiceUniversity Centre Directoryregistrar student records
Records Management ServiceMcPherson LibraryDirectory
RecreationServiceIan Stewart Complex Directory
Recycling and composting Service
Registrar AdministrativeServiceUniversity Centre Directoryadmissions grades transcripts
Religious StudiesAcademicResearchClearihue Directory
Research expertise database Research
Research Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization Research
Research Services ResearchServiceMichael Williams Building Directory
Residence Services ServiceCraigdarroch Office Bldg. Directory
Retirees Association Other
Ring, TheOtherSedgewick Directory
Risk and Insurance Service
Safewalk ProgramServiceCampus Security
Scheduling AdministrativeUniversity Centre Directory
Scholarships and Bursaries Service
Science, Faculty of AcademicResearchElliott DirectoryBiology Chemistry Biochemistry Microbiology earth ocean mathematics statistics physics astronomy
Science Stores ResearchServicePetch Building Directory
Science Venture Service
Secondary Teacher Education AcademicMacLaurin Directory
Security ServiceCampus Security Directory
Senate of the University of Victoria Administrative
Sexualized violence policy reviewOthersvp assault
Social and Sustainable Innovation, Centre for ResearchContact info
Social Dimension of Health ResearchCornett
Social Justice StudiesAcademicResearchCornett
Social Sciences, Faculty ofAcademicResearchBusiness and Economics Directorypolitical science anthropology economics environmental studies geography psychology sociology
Social WorkAcademicResearchHuman and Social Development Building Directory
Sociology AcademicResearchCornettDirectory
Software Engineering AcademicResearchEngineering Lab Wing Directory
Speakers Bureau ServiceSedgewick Directory
Special Collections ServiceMcPherson Library, basement Directory
Statistics Laboratory AcademicResearchCornett Computing
Strategic FrameworkAdministrative
Student Affairs AdministrativeUniversity Centre Directory
Student Awards & Financial AidAcademicAdministrativeServiceUniversity CentreDirectorybursaries scholarships financial aid
Student Clubs Other
Student employment Service
Student life, Office ofAdministrativeServiceUniversity Centre B202Contact info
Student orientationServiceDirectory
Student records online Other
Student recruitment AdministrativeUniversity Centre Directory
Students' SocietyAdministrativeOtherSUBContact infoUVSS
Studies in Policy and Practice AdministrativeHuman and Social Development Building Directory
Studies in Religion and Society, Centre for AcademicResearchSedgewick Directory
Style Guide Othercopyediting editing writing uvicstyle publications
Summer Studies AcademicUniversity Centre
Sustainability, Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability ServiceMichael Williams Directory
Sustainability Project (UVSP)OtherSUBContact info
Systems Service
Technician Services Service
Technology and Society AcademicResearchCornett Contact info
Technology and Solutions Centre ServiceClearihue Directory
Technology Integrated Learning ResearchMcPherson Library
Technology Transfer ResearchIndustry Liaison Officers
Telephone Services ServiceClearihue Contact info
The Innovation Centre for Entrepreneurs ServiceSedgewick Directory
Theatre AcademicResearchPhoenix Directory
Third SpaceOtherSUBuvss womens
Torch Alumni Magazine Other
Transcripts Academic
Transformative Inquiry AcademicResearchMacLaurin Contact info
Tuition Fees Administrative
Undergraduate Admissions AcademicAdministrativeUniversity Centre Directory
Undergraduate Records AdministrativeUniversity Centre Directory
United Way Campaign Other
University Archives AdministrativeMcPherson Library
University Calendar AcademicAdministrative
University ClubServiceUniversity Club Directorydining catering events weddings
University Secretary AdministrativeMichael Williams Building Directory
University Systems ServiceClearihue Directory
UVic Academic Women's CaucusOtherContact infoawc, diversity, women
UVic Edge Other
UVic Edge brand guidelines Other
UVic Employee and Family Assistance Program Administrative
UVic Genome BC Protein Centre Research
UVic Graduate Students Society OtherContact info
UVic Homestay ServiceContinuing Studies Building Contact info
UVic Industry Partnerships AdministrativeR Hut Directory
UVic Media Experts OtherContact info
UVic Recycling Service
UVic Retirees Association Service
UVic Strategic PlanAdministrative
UVic Sustainability Project Administrative
Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group OtherStudent Union Building Contact infoVIPIRG
Vancouver Island Technology Park OtherContact info
Veterinary Director Research
Vice President Finance and Operations AdministrativeMichael WilliamsDirectory
Vice-President Academic and ProvostAdministrativeMichael WilliamsDirectoryvpac
Vice-President External Relations AdministrativeMichael WilliamsDirectory
Vice-President ResearchAdministrativeResearchMichael WilliamsDirectory
Victoria Subatomic Physics and Accelerator Research ResearchElliott Directory
Vikes Athletics OtherCARSADirectory
Vikes Recreation ServiceCARSADirectory
Visual Arts AcademicVisual Arts Building Directory
Web Coordinator AdministrativeSedgewick Directory
WebReg: Online Registration Other
WebView: Student Records AcademicAdministrative
Welcome Centre ServiceUniversity Centre Directory
Writing AcademicResearchFine Arts Building Directory
Youth and Society, Centre for ResearchMacLaurin Directory
Zap Copy ServiceSUBContact infophotocopy scanning printing supplies