Registering for courses is easier than you think. Once you've received an offer of admission, there are a number of things you should do as soon as possible to avoid delays. Review the information applicable to you in the Graduate Calendar regarding registration. Follow up with the steps below to make sure you're prepared and ready to go on your assigned registration date.

Continuous registration

At the University of Victoria, continuous registration is required by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Each semester you must either register or request a leave of absence or withdrawal with permission. Failure to do so will result in your program being terminated and a statement "withdrawn without permission" added to your official transcript. If you are reinstated to your program, a $255 reinstatement fee will be assessed and the notation on your transcript will remain. Learn about reregistration.

Make sure you are eligible to register

All eligible new and returning students will be sent an email advising them to check their registration date through My page, using the registration status tool. If you do not have an active email account, you will need to apply for both a UVic email and NetLink ID.

Applicants and newly accepted students

If you are a prospective student, you are not eligible to register until you have been fully admitted. A provisional offer of admission is not sufficient to be eligible to register. Once you receive a full or a conditional offer of admission letter, you can go ahead with registration.

Continuing students

Students in good academic standing who were registered or on a leave of absence in the most recent session at the university are eligible for registration in the next session.

If you have withdrawn under any other circumstances and now wish to return, or if you are switching into another degree program, you must re-register.

Students with outstanding financial obligations to UVic will not be eligible to register at UVic until those accounts have been settled with Accounting.

Continuing students who are not eligible to register can contact the Graduate Admissions and Records Office at 250-472-4657 for assistance.

Select your courses

Before using My page for registration, you should know which courses are included in your personal graduate program. The graduate adviser for your program and/or your degree supervisor should be able to answer your questions about course selection and program details. If you're not sure who to contact, please check the graduate academic adviser listing.

Newly accepted students

If you are a new student, you should not access the registration system until you have discussed your registration with your supervisor or departmental graduate adviser.

Continuing students

As a returning student, you may access an administrative transcript (unofficial transcript) at any time through My page. Register in courses through My page. If you would like to register in a course that is outside your program (as detailed in the graduate academic calendar) complete a graduate course change form and submit this to the Graduate Admissions and Records office. Please read registration in courses outside a graduate program in the graduate academic calendar for more information. If you have questions about the eligibility of a course, see your graduate adviser or academic supervisor.

If you are working on your thesis or dissertation, you must register in a thesis/dissertation course in every term until a final grade is assigned.

Look up your courses and timetable numbers

Once you have checked your registration status, search for classes using My Page to identify the courses you wish to study. These courses should be selected with approval from your supervisor or the academic adviser in your department.

Make note of the course reference number (CRN) printed beside the appropriate section of your course(s). This is the number you will use to register.

Helpful search tips

  • Refer to the My page tutorials for help in registering for courses.
  • The timetable builder on the registration page of My page can help build your conflict-free timetable.
  • When searching for classes, if you wish to see all courses for the subject you’ve chosen, leave the "course number" field blank.
  • You can see only a subset of courses (e.g., all 500-level courses), by entering a "5" in the "course number" field and click "class search."
  • Once you have your search results, if you click on the "CRN" you can see more details about the course.

Check your method of registration

Registration for most students is done online through My page. Some programs at UVic require a special registration process, not available online. In these cases, registration is processed manually by Graduate Admissions and Records on request from the student.

You will not be eligible to register via My page if you:

  • are auditing courses only
  • are not enrolled in a graduate degree program (non-degree student status)
  • are a visiting research student
  • have been approved to take courses under the Western Dean's Agreement
  • are enrolled in the School of Management and Leadership Studies Certificate and advancing to the first term of the master's program
  • are in a specialized degree program
  • are enrolling in a co-op work term only (please contact your faculty's co-op office)

If you are not eligible to register online, contact the Graduate Admissions and Records Office at 250-472-4657 for information about your registration process.

Register for courses online with My page

To register for classes, log in to My page and follow the steps below:

  1. Access the class registration page, click on add or drop classes, then select the appropriate registration term from the drop-down list.
  2. Enter the "CRN" (course reference number), if known, into the "add classes worksheet;" or click on class search to enter search criteria.
  3. When you have entered all desired CRNs, choose "submit changes." To search for more sections, click on "add to worksheet." You will be returned to the add or drop classes page and you'll see the CRN you  chose in one of the boxes in the "add classes worksheet". To add additional classes click on class search or use "CRN."

Courses excluded from online registration

  • Courses requiring permission
  • Courses requiring a pro forma
  • Co-operative education work terms
  • Courses to be taken as audit
  • Undergraduate courses (if you are a graduate student)

If you want to register for one of these courses, you must complete additional documentation for manual registration. Please contact Graduate Admissions and Records for more information.

Confirm your registration

Upon completion of registration, click view active registrations or view detailed timetable to review your registration and schedule. All courses you have registered for should now appear as part of your timetable. If a course is not showing in your timetable, try registering for it again. If the problem persists, review and make sure you meet the pre-requisites for that course. Contact Graduate Admissions and Records if you have further questions.

You must drop or register in classes through My Page. The appropriate deadlines are listed in the Academic Calendar (for summer they can be found in the Summer Calendar). You will only be able to add courses through My page until the deadline for course change for that term. Dropping courses can be done on My page until the 100% drop date deadline for that term.

If you miss the deadlines you may use an graduate course change form (add/drop form). If this form is not submitted to Graduate Admissions and Records by the last business day before the published deadline, a $35 manual processing charge will apply.

Online registration through My page is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year subject to operational circumstances. If you are having trouble using the online registration system, check out the My page tutorials. Registration can be confirmed by accessing your course schedule using student services after signing into My page.

If your registration is blocked due to a hold on your account, you must satisfy the terms of that hold before you can be eligible to register.

Is your program is not eligible for online registration? Contact the Graduate Admissions and Records office for information about manual registration.

Students with a visual disability who require assistance using online registration (My page) may contact a student adviser at the Resource Centre for Students with a Disability (RCSD) by phoning 250-472-4947.

If you are planning to take a term of personal leave from your graduate program, please first read the calendar regulations on leaves of absence. You must inform your supervisor in writing in advance of the planned absence and make appropriate arrangements for care of ongoing research projects, if necessary, before initiating the leave through My page.

Students can neither undertake any academic or research work nor use any of the university's facilities during a leave of absence.

If you wish to take a term of personal leave follow the steps below. For more detailed instructions, please see the personal leave tutorial.

  1. If you have registered in any courses in the term in which you intend to take a leave, drop all courses using add/drop classes in My page. 
  2. Navigate to the graduate student personal leave page. 
  3. Select the term in which you intend to take a personal leave.
  4. Click the confirm button to add a term of personal leave.
  5. If you wish to take a leave for an additional available term, select change selected term and repeat steps 3 and 4.

After submitting your request, you will receive a message confirming that it has been processed successfully.

If you are waitlisted for a section, you are not guaranteed enrolment, as space is limited. Although every effort is made to accommodate students on waitlists, you should contact your academic unit about course availability. You can view and maintain your waitlist information through My page.

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