Academic Concessions

The Faculty of Graduate Studies is committed to the University’s policy on Academic Accommodation and Access for Students with Disabilities. Graduate Studies will work with students with disabilities to consider reasonable accommodation with respect to deadlines and time-limited regulations. If a graduate student elects not to disclose his or her disability, the University cannot ensure the appropriate evaluation or implementation of any necessary academic accommodation.

 A student who is affected by illness, accident or family affliction should consult with a health professional. In such cases, the student may apply for a deferral of a course grade, withdrawal from the course due to extenuating circumstances, a drop of course(s) without academic and/or fee penalty after the published withdrawal deadline, or a leave of absence from the program due to illness, accident or family affliction.

 Applications for the Graduate Academic Concession Form from the program must be accompanied by supporting documentation.

 Students may request, directly from the course instructor, deferral or substitution of work which is due during the term. Arrangements to complete such missed or late work must be made between the student and the instructor. If the request for deferral or substitution of term work is denied, the student may appeal as described in Appeals Procedures: Faculty of Graduate Studies, which is available at the Faculty of Graduate Studies website.

 Students requesting consideration for a drop of courses without academic penalty after the published withdrawal deadline should submit a request for a backdated withdrawal and supporting documentation to the Office of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

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