Neuroscience graduate program

Carla Sanchez-Lafuente
Neuroscience graduate student researching the formation of new neurons from pools of existing neural stem cells in the brain.

Our divison hosts the MSc and PhD neuroscience graduate program, a multi-disciplinary program, building on existing strengths in the following UVic units:

The neuroscience graduate program produces students with a research-based background in either cellular or cognitive neurosciences, reflecting UVic's two major neuroscience research streams.

The program emphasizes connections between the core areas (learning and memory; synaptic function; developmental neuroscience; sensory motor systems; disease and injury) and encourages students to develop competencies in more than one area.

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Neuroscience graduate program (NGP) handbook

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The neuroscience graduate degree program started September 2011. Learn some reasons why you should study neuroscience at UVic.

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We are a small division of approximately 25 graduate students in any given year. They are conducting neurosciences research, much of it related to specific diseases such as Huntington's Disease or developmental disorders like Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS).

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To inquire about post-doctoral fellowship training opportunities, please email a faculty member whose research is of interest. Contact information can be found on the our people page.