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Student services


Life can be complex—especially in grad school. Our graduate students deserve the best support possible. That’s why we offer a range of student services to back your success.

Graduate Students’ Society

All graduate students are members of the Graduate Students’ Society (GSS). The GSS is an independent not-for-profit society that supports grad students. It’s your advocate and source of information on academic concerns.

The GSS’s home base is the Halpern Centre for Graduate Students (also known as the Grad House). It’s a hub of information, support and social events. The GSS office is where grad students can get information about things like the U-Pass and extended medical coverage. If you have a question about life as a grad student they can help you or point you to someone who can.

Accessible learning

UVic’s Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) offers support to students with disabilities and health issues. CAL works with you to ensure your education is equitable, inclusive and usable.

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Child & family care

Supporting our graduate students means supporting their families too. We offer a welcoming space for grad students with families. Child care services, family housing and more are all available on campus.

Health & wellness

Health and wellness are essential to student success. Whether you need to see a doctor, relieve some stress or find someone to talk to, our services are here for you.

Arts & culture

Victoria is a vibrant cultural hub, and campus is no different. Take in a student production at our Phoenix Theatre, catch a concert, watch a movie, or immerse yourself in modern art - all at UVic.

Athletics & recreation

You don’t need to be a varsity athlete to enjoy access to UVic’s athletics and recreation. UVic encourages active living through sports, exercise and getting in on team spirit. Join an intramural team, come out and cheer for the Vikes and don’t forget to get your glow on at a yoga rave.

Academic & professional development

Find the tools to build your bright future. UVic provides its students with co-ops, career counselling and more. Use these resources to give yourself that competitive edge after university.

Clubs & organizations

There are more than 200 student clubs on campus. Are you interested in swing dance, anime, game development or kayaking? Most clubs are free to join and there’s a club for everyone.