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Admission requirements

There are two sets of requirements for admission to graduate studies at UVic. You must satisfy the minimum admission standards set by the Faculty of Graduate Studies (below). In addition, you must meet the individual program requirements set by your academic unit.

Make sure you have read and meet the minimums.

Are you an international applicant? Review our international applicant information.

We reserve the right to refuse applicants for admission on the basis of their overall academic record, even if they technically meet the published admission requirements. We also do not guarantee that students who meet the minimum published requirements will be admitted to any faculty, program or course.

Admission to a master’s program

  • Completion of a 4-year bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) from an institution recognized by UVic
  • Equivalent of a minimum “B” average over the last two years of your degree
  • Any requirements specific to your program of study

Admission to a doctoral program

  • Completion of an acceptable master’s degree (or equivalent) from an institution recognized by UVic
  • Any requirements specific to your program of study


  • You may be considered if you have the equivalent of an A- average in the last two years of a bachelor’s degree
  • Any requirements specific to your program of study

Language proficiency

You must prove you are competent in the English language to attend UVic. Learn about our English language requirements.

Calculating GPA for admissions

We calculate your grade point average (GPA) differently depending on whether your transcript comes from an international or North American institution.

Special admission applications

There are special admission processes if you want to:

  • audit a course
  • become a visiting student, using a letter of permission
  • take part in the Western Deans’ Agreement
  • become a visiting research student (including the Canadian Graduate Student Research Mobility Agreement)
  • undertake a specialized degree program

Need help?

If you have a general question about the application process or studying at UVic, get in touch with your UVic graduate student recruiter.

If you have a specific question about your program or application to UVic, contact your program’s graduate secretary.

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