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Calculating GPA for graduate admission

We calculate your grade point average (GPA) differently depending on whether your transcript comes from an international or North American institution.

International GPA calculation

Minimum GPA requirements are under minimums from other countries. International GPA’s are not converted to the UVic grading scale. Instead, minimum requirements are determined using each country’s grading scale. International GPAs are designated First Class or Second Class.

We calculate international GPA on the most recent two years of your bachelor’s degree. If there is no clear date separation on the transcripts, we calculate GPA on the entire degree.

Canadian & American GPA calculation

GPA from institutions in Canada and the United States is calculated on your most recent eligible course work equivalent to 30 units at UVic.

  • Ineligible course work includes: non-graded courses (for example, courses with pass/fail/complete grades), credit granted on the basis of life or work experience, or credit earned at institutions not recognized by UVic.
  • 30 units at UVic are approximately equal to two years of full-time study. This reflects approximately 20 full-time, one-term courses valued at 1.5 units each. A full-time, one-term undergraduate course at UVic includes 3 hours of class time per week, not including labs or tutorials, for 13 weeks of instruction.

We calculate GPA using the credit/unit value and grading scale of the institution that awarded the degree. We then convert it to the UVic scale.

For example:

You have a bachelor’s degree from a Canadian university. Your university uses a grading scale where an A+ = 4.3 and a B = 3.0. The average full-time half-year course at your university is worth 3.0 credits.

We would calculate your GPA using your university’s grading scale and course credit values. Then we would convert this to the UVic scale.

Term Total credits per term Term GPA
Spring term 2 15 credits 4.0 (A)
Fall term 2 15 credits 3.3 (B+)
Spring term 1 15 credits 3.0 (B)
Fall term 1 15 credits 3.0 (B)
Total 60 credits 3.33 (B+) average
Converted to UVic scale 30 units 6.08/9.0 (B+) average

Courses included

Our first step in calculating GPA is to review the transcript and eliminate any courses that are ineligible. Ineligible courses include non-graded courses (for example, courses with pass/fail/complete grades), credit granted on the basis of life or work experience, or credit earned at institutions not recognized by UVic.

Example for single term:

Course Credit value GPA
ANTH 400 1.5 units 8.0 (A)
ANTH 435 1.5 units 9.0 (A+)
FREN 300 1.5 units 8.0 (A)
WRIT 303 1.5 units Pass (ineligible)
GS 504 3.0 units COM (ineligible)
 Total: 9.0 units 8.33 (A)
GPA calculation: 4.5 units 8.33 (A)

After eliminating the ineligible courses, we will count back 30 units from the date the degree was awarded. If the 30 unit mark falls in the middle of a term we will prorate that term to the units required to get to 30.

Upgrading for admission to graduate studies

If you have completed upper-level undergraduate course work or graduate non-degree course work that will raise your GPA for admission purposes, we may include this in your GPA calculation. Lower-level undergraduate course work cannot be used to upgrade your GPA. You’ll need to upgrade your courses for admission to graduate studies.

For example:

This applicant completed a bachelor’s degree. Their GPA, which was calculated on their most recent 30.0 eligible units, is below the minimum admission requirements of 5.0 (B).

Bachelor's degree, 60.0 units total
GPA calculated on most recent 30.0 units: 4.8 (B-)

This applicant completed a term of upgrading courses after their degree and their term GPA for the upgraded courses is 7.33 (A-). The following is calculated for the upgrading term (taken after the bachelor's degree):

Course Credit value GPA
BIOL 400 1.5 units 7.0 (A-)
BIOL 435 1.5 units 7.0 (A-)
SPAN 300 1.5 units 8.0 (A)
Total: 4.5 units 7.33 (A-)

We add the upgrading courses to the GPA calculation for the bachelor’s degree, prorating the units in the bachelor’s degree so that the total is 30.0 units.

Degree / upgrading Credit value GPA
Upgrading term 4.5 units 7.33 (A-)
Bachelor's degree 25.5 units (prorated) 4.80 (B-)
Total: 30.0 units 5.18 (B)

An admissions GPA of a master’s degree can also be upgraded, but only using graduate level courses taken after the master’s degree was awarded.