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Additional international applicant information

If you graduated from a post-secondary program in a country other than Canada (including the United States), then you will pay an international application fee.

Application deadlines

Apply for admission well before the deadline set by your department. Applying to UVic early gives you extra time to apply for immigration documents. Find the deadlines for your program on our individual program pages.

Study permits

You need to get the correct immigration documents to study in Canada from Immigration and Refugee, Citizenship Canada. Once you're admitted, a UVic immigration specialist can help you with this process.

Minimums from other countries

We have minimum academic standards that you must meet for regular admission to a graduate program.

We evaluate transcripts based on the grading scales for each recognized institution you’ve attended. As a result, you should only use the minimums below as a guide.

Individual programs may have higher requirements. Review your program information for more details.

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Country Minimum level Minimum grade/score
Afghanistan Bachelor's degree; Licence 80%
Albania Bachelor's degree (Diplomë e Nivelit të Pare; Diplome with Titull (minimum four years)) 8.0/10.0
Algeria Licence; Diplôme d'Études Supérieurs; Diplôme d'Ingénieur 14.0/20.0
Angola Licenciatura 14.0/20.0
Antigua and Barbuda No post-secondary degree level institutions
Argentina Licenciatura 8.0/10.0; Distinguido
Armenia Bachelor's degree (Diplom Bakalavri Astichan); Specialist Diploma (Diplom Masnageti) 7.0/10.0; 13.0/20.0; 4.0/5.0; Good/լավ
Australia Bachelor's degree (Honours) Upper 2nd Class; Distinction; 70%
Austria Bachelor's degree; Diplomstudium/Magister; Fachhochschuldiplom/Diplom (FH) 2.0; Gut
Azerbaijan Bachelor's degree (Bakalavr Diplomu); Specialist Diploma (Diplomu) 4.0/5.0; Good/yaxsi
Bahamas Bachelor's degree B; 3.0/4.0
Bahrain Bachelor's degree 80%; 3.0/4.0
Bangladesh Bachelor's degree (minimum four years); Master's degree B; 3.0/4.0; 60%; 1st Class
Barbados Bachelor's degree (following CAPE/GCE A Levels) Upper 2nd Class; 3.0/4.0
Belarus Bachelor's degree (Bakalavr); Specialist Diploma 7.0/10.0; 4.0/5.0
Belgium Licencié; Licenciaat; Bachelor's degree 14.0/20.0; Avec Distinction
Belize Bachelor's degree B; 3.0/4.0
Benin Maîtrise 14.0/20.0; Bien
Bermuda No post-secondary degree level studies
Bhutan Bachelor's degree (Honours) B; 70%; Very Good
Bolivia Título de Bachiller Universitario; Licenciatura Distinguido; 77%
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bachelor's degree (Diplomirani); Advanced Diploma of Higher Education (Diploma Visokog Obrazovanja) 4.0/5.0
Botswana Bachelor's degree Upper 2nd Class; B; 70%
Brazil Bacharelado (minimum four years); Licenciatura (minimum four years) 8.0/10.0
Brunei Bachelor's degree Upper 2nd Class; B; 3.5/5.0
Bulgaria Bachelor's degree (Bakalavr) 4.5/6.0
Burkina Faso Maîtrise; Diplôme d’Ingénieur 14.0/20.0; Bien
Burundi Diplôme de Licence; Diplôme d’Ingénieur (minimum four years) 70%; Grande Distinction
Cambodia Bachelor's degree; Licence B; Good; 7.0/10.0; 70%
Cameroon Licence; Diplome d'Ingenieur; Bachelor's degree 14.0/20.0; Bien
Cape Verde Licenciatura 14.0/20.0; Bien
Cayman Islands Bachelor's degree B; 3.0/4.0
Central African Republic Maîtrise; Diplôme d’Ingénieur 14.0/20.0; Bien
Chad Licence (minimum four years); Maîtrise 14.0/20.0; Bien
Chile Licenciatura; Título Profesional 5.0/7.0; Bueno
China Bachelor's degree (minimum four years) B; 80%
Colombia Título de Licenciado/Título Profesional; Maestro en [arts subject] (minimum four years for all degree types) 3.5/5.0
Congo Maîtrise 14.0/20.0; Bien
Costa Rica Bachiller Universitario; Licenciatura 8.0/10.0
Croatia Bachelor's degree (Baccalaureus) 4.0/5.0
Cuba Licenciatura; Ingeniería; Arquitectura; Título de Doctor 4.0/5.0; Muy Bien; 80%
Cyprus Ptychio 7.0/10.0
Czech Republic Bakalář 2.0/5.0; Velmi dobře
Democratic Republic of the Congo Licence; Doctorat en Médecine 80%; Grande Distinction
Denmark Candidatus; Diplomingenior; Bachelor's degree 7.0/12.0
Djibouti Maîtrise 14.0/20.0; Bien
Dominica No post-secondary degree level studies
Dominican Republic Licenciatura; Título Profesional 80%; B; Muy Bueno
Ecuador Licenciatura; Título Profesional Bueno; 80%; 30.0/40.0
Egypt Bachelor's degree; Licence Very Good
El Salvador Licenciatura; Título Profesional 8.0/10.0; Bien
Eritrea Bachelor's degree (minimum four years) B; 3.0/4.0
Estonia Bachelor's degree (Bakalaureusekraad/​Rakenduskõrgharidusõppe Diplom) 4.0/5.0; Vaga Hea
Ethiopia Bachelor's degree (minimum four years) B; 3.0/4.0
Fiji Three-year bachelor B+
Finland Kandidat or Magistr 3.5/5;”Cum Laude Approbatur”
France Licence; Maîtrise (until 2009) 12/20; Bien
Gabon Maîtrise bien
Gambia Bachelor's degree 3.0/4.0
Georgia Bakalavris Khariskhi/ Diplomirebuli Specialistis Diplomi 4/5, 70%, Kargi “good”
Germany Bachelor, Diplom, Magister, Staatsexamen "Gut," 2.49
Ghana Bachelor's degree (Honours) Upper 2nd class
Gibraltar No Post Secondary degree level institutions
Greece Ptychion 7/10
Greenland Candidatus; Diplomingenior; Bachelor's degree 7/12
Guatemala Licenciado, Ingeniero 80%
Guinea Diplome d'Etudes Superieures/ Matrise/ Diplome d'Etudes Approfondies 14/20 or “bien”
Guinea-Bissau No credentials available are considered equivalent to a Bachelors’ degree
Guinea-Conakry Diplome d’Etudes Superieures/ Matrise/ Diplome d’Etudes Approfondies 14/20 or "bien"
Guyana Bachelor Pass with Distinction
Haiti Bachelor/ Diplome*/ Licence 70%
Holy See Very specific Ecclesiastical education not normally recognized outside of those fields (Baccalaureate)
Honduras Licenciado/Titulo 76% muy bueno
Hong Kong Bachelor's degree (Honours) Upper 2nd class
Hungary Egyetemi Okevel 3.5/5; “Cum Laude”
Iceland Candidatus Mag. 6.00/10
India Bachelor's degree (minimum four years); Master's degree 1st class; 60%; 7/10
Indonesia Bachelor's degree (Sarjana I) 3.0/4.0
Iran Karshenasi; Licence 15/20; 80%; 3.0/4.0
Iraq Bachelor B; 70%; “Good”
Ireland Bachelor's degree Upper 2nd class
Israel Bachelor's degree (minimum four years) 75%; Good
Italy Laurea 25/30
Ivory Coast Maitrise 14/20 or "Bien"
Jamaica Bachelors degree Class II upper division
Japan Bachelor's degree (Gakushi) B; 3.0/4.0; 70%
Jordan Bachelor's degree B; 3.0/4.0; Very good
Kazakhstan Bakalavr; Specialist Diploma B; 3.0/4.0; Good/хорошо; 4.0/5.0 (before 2005)
Kenya Bachelor's degree (Honours) Upper 2nd class
Kiribati No Post Secondary degree level institutions
Kosovo Baçelor / Baccalaureus 8/10
Kuwait Bachelor's degree (minimum four years) B; 3.0/4.0
Kyrgyzstan Bakalavr; Specialist Diploma 4/5; "Good"
Laos Bachelor's degree (minimum five years until 2009; minimum four years thereafter) 3.0/4.0
Latvia Bakalaurs (2003+)/Dilpoms of professional qualification/ Magistrs (pre2001) 7/10
Lebanon 4-year bachelor (see France for French patterned U’s) 80%
Lesotho Master’s degree/ Bachelor of Law 70%, B
Liberia Master’s degree 80% B
Libya Bachelor 75% or “Very Good”
Liechtenstein Bachelor's degree/ diplom (from Fachochschule) 5/6
Lithuania Bakalaurus/ Auksjo Mokslo diploma Good or 4/5 or 8/10
Luxembourg Bachelor/ Diplome d'Ingenieur 40/60
Macao Bachelor/Licenciatura 3.0/4.0
Macedonia Bachelor/ Visoko Obrazovanja 8/10
Madagascar Maitrise 14/20 or "Bien"
Malawi Honours Bachelors 2nd Class = 70%, 5/6, Pass with Marginal Distinction
Malaysia Bachelor's degree (Honours/minimum four years) Upper 2nd class
Maldives Bachelor's degree 3.0/4.0
Mali /Diplome de l’Ecole Normale Superior/ Diplome d’etudes Approfondies 14/20 or “bien”
Malta 4 yr/Honours Bachelors - (Bacillier … bl -Unuri) second class (upper division)
Mauritania Maitrise 14/20 or“Bien”
Mauritius Bachelors degree Class II, division ii
Mexico Licenciado/ Licenciatura, Ingeniero 8/10
Moldova Diploma de Licenta (since 1991) 8/10
Monaco No higher education institutions
Mongolia Bachelors degree “B” (3.0/4.0)
Montenegro Diploma primijenjenih osovnih studija/ Diploma/ Uvjerenje o završenim osnovnim akademskim studijama 4/5;8/10
Morocco Licence (minimum four years); Maîtrise (minimum four years) 14/20; Bien
Mozambique Licenciatura 17/20
Myanmar Honours Bachelor 2nd class (80%)
Namibia Masters degree B, Very good, 70% 3.0/4.0
Nepal Bachelor's degree (minimum four years); Master's degree 1st class
Netherlands Bachelor, Master/Magister/Meester, Doctoraal/Doctorandus, Ingenieur 7/10
New Zealand Honours Bachelor 2nd class
Nicaragua Licenciado/titulo 80%
Niger Matrise 15 /20
Nigeria Bachelor's degree (Honours) 3.5/5.0; B; Upper 2nd class; 60%
Norway Bachelorgraden = Bachelor’s equivalent, Mastergraden = Master’s equivalent (Candidatus Magisteri = pre 2002) 2.5 or "Laudabilis" Very good = “B” second class.
Oman Bachelor’s 3.0/4 or “B” or Very Good
Pakistan Bachelor's degree (minimum four years) 1st class; 60%; 3.0/4.0
Palestine National Authority Four year Bachelor 80%
Panama Licenciado/titulo Bueno; 81%
Papua New Guinea Bachelors degree Class II division A
Paraguay Titulo de Licenciado/ Titulo de (professional title) 4/5
Peru Licenciado, Ingeniero 14/20
Philippines Bachelor's degree (minimum four years) 2.0; Good
Poland Licencjat; Inzynier; Bachelor's degree 4.0/5.0; Dobry
Portugal Licenciado/Licenciatura 14/20
Puerto Rico Four year Bachelor 3/4; "B"
Qatar Bachelor 3/4;4/5 or “Very Good”
Romania BachelorDiploma de Licenta 8/10
Russian Federation Diploma Specialist 4/5; "Good"
Rwanda Bachelor's degree (minimum four years) 80%; 14/20; Grande Distinction
Samoa Bachelor's degree (from University of the South Pacific) 5, B, 65%
Saudi Arabia Bachelor's degree 80%; Very good; 4.0/5.0
Senegal Diplome d’Etudes Superieures/ Maitrise 14/20 or "Bien"
Serbia Bachelor's degree/ Diplom Visokog Obrazovanja (second-level degree obtained on completion of a four to six-year course) 8/10
Seychelles Bachelor's degree (Honours) Upper 2nd class
Sierra Leone Bachelor Upper 2nd class
Singapore Bachelor's degree (minimum four years) Upper 2nd class
Slovakia Bakalar/ Absolvent Vysokej skoly/ Magister(pre 2003) 1,5, B, vel' mi dobrý
Slovenia Diplomant/Diplomirani/ Univerzitetni Diplomant/ Visoko Obrazovanji (pre 2000) 8/10, Prav Dobro
Solomon Islands Bachelor's degree (from University of the South Pacific) 5, B, 65%
Somalia Bachelor/ Laurea 80%, 25/30
South Africa Bachelor's degree (minimum four years) Upper 2nd class
South Korea Bachelor's degree (minimum four years) B; 3.0/4.5; 80%
Spain Licenciado, Ingeniero, Arquitecto 7/10 or “Notable”
Sri Lanka Bachelor's degree (minimum four years); Master's degree Upper 2nd class; B+; 3.3/4.0
St Kitts and Nevis Bachelors degree (from University of the West Indies) Credit with 70% (Upper Second)
St Lucia Bachelors degree (from University of the West Indies) Credit with 70% (Upper Second)
Sudan Honours Bachelor Upper Second Division
Suriname Bachelor's degree (since 1983)/ Doctoraal Examen (until 1983) Met Genoegen
Swaziland Bachelor 70%, 2nd class first division
Sweden Bachelor/Kandidatexamen or Professional Bachelor/Yrkesexamen 4.0/5.0
Switzerland Diplom/Licence 5/6; 8/10 or "Gut" or "Bien"
Syria Bachelor's degree (minimum four years); Licence (minimum four years) 70%
Taiwan Bachelor's degree B; 70%
Tajikistan Bakalavr/Specialist Diploma 4/5
Tanzania Bachelor's degree (Honours - minimum four years) B; Upper 2nd class
Thailand Bachelor's degree 3.0/4.0
Togo Diplome d'Ingenieur/Doctorat (Medicine)/Maitrise 14/20 or "Bien"
Tonga Bachelor's degree (from the University of the South Pacific) 5, B, 65%
Trinidad and Tobago Honours Bachelor (from the University of the West Indies) Upper 2nd class, B+
Tukish Republic of Northern Cyprus Lisans; Muhendis Diplomasi 3.0/4.0
Tunisia Licence (minimum four years); Maîtrise; Diplôme d’Ingenieur/Architecture; Docteur en ... 14/20
Turkey Lisans; Muhendis Diplomasi 3.0/4.0; BB; B
Turkmenistan Bakalavr/ Secialist diploma (Prior to 2001) 4/5; "Good"
Uganda Bachelor's degree (Honours) Upper 2nd class
Ukraine Dyplom Bakalavr; Specialist Diploma (post 1990) 4/5
United Arab Emirates Bachelor's degree 3.0/4.0; B; 80%
United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland) Bachelor's degree (Honours) Upper 2nd class
United States of America Bachelor's degree 3.0/4.0
Uruguay Titulao de Licenciado 6/12
Uzbekistan Bakalavr; Specialist diploma Yaxshi (71%)
Vanuatu Bachelor's degree (from the University of the South Pacific) 5, B, 65%
Venezuela 4 year Licenciado or professional degree 3.3/5; 7/9; 13/20 (sciences) or 14/20
Vietnam Bachelor's degree (Bằng Tốt Nghiệp Đại Học) 7.0/10.0
West Bank and Gaza Bachelor's degree B, 3.0/4.0, Very Good
West Indies Honours Bachelor Upper 2nd class
Yemen Bachelor's degree 78, Very Good
Yugoslavia Visoko Obrazovanja (2nd level degree of 4 years) 4/5;8/10
Zambia Bachelor's degree “B+” or “Meritorious”
Zimbabwe Bachelor's degree Upper 2nd class

Need help?

If you have a general question about the application process or studying at UVic, get in touch with a UVic graduate student recruiter.

If you have a specific question about your program or application to UVic, contact your program’s graduate secretary.