Centre for Academic Communication

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Undergraduate academic communication skills help


Undergraduate students can get help with writing and more.

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Graduate academic communication skills help

Graduate students can get help with their thesis, dissertation, and presentations at the CAC.

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Faculty resources

Course instructors can refer students to our many services and get support for teaching students with English as an additional language.

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Book an appointment

Students can book their own appointments online.

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Tutoring services

We offer face-to-face and online tutoring.

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Check out our resources

We have a library of handouts and videos on academic communication available to you.

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Welcome to the Centre for Academic Communication!

At the Centre for Academic Communication (CAC), we offer online and in-person one-on-one tutorials, workshops, and more. Our free services are available to all University of Victoria students. We are here to support you with reading, writing, speaking, understanding academic expectations, and other aspects of academic communication.

July Workshops

How to combine words (collocate) to produce natural-sounding phrases, 12 to 1pm, July 13; Zoom:  https://uvic.zoom.us/s/88435031687 

In English, we say “fast food” but not “quick food.” Understanding collocations, or common word combinations, is key to speaking and writing English with fluency. In this workshop, we’ll show you how to use a collocation dictionary to expand your vocabulary and fluency. Practice included! Contact Kaveh at eal2@uvic.ca for information.

How to use “your own words” when paraphrasing and stay away from plagiarizing, 12 to 1pm, July 27; Zoom:  https://uvic.zoom.us/s/88435031687 

“Do you have you own words”? As the legendary comedian, George Carlin, cleverly noted, "I am personally using the ones everybody else has been using.” So how can we effectively paraphrase source material without falling into the trap of unintentional plagiarism? In this workshop, we’ll work together to learn and practice the mysterious art of putting another writer’s ideas into “our own words”! Contact Kaveh at eal2@uvic.ca for information.