Cultural, Social and Political Thought program (CSPT)

The Cultural, Social and Political Thought Program (CSPT) is an interdisciplinary program that brings Sociology faculty and students with interdisciplinary theoretical interests into contact with a vibrant network of like-minded scholars in other academic units on campus, and thereby enriches the intellectual climate of the Sociology department.

Sociology Faculty Members who participate in the CSPT program include:

Note: Your supervisor must be a participating CSPT Faculty member who is also a member of the Sociology Department.

For further program details, please see Cultural, Social and Political Thought Program website.

Master's: thesis option with CSPT

Master's students in the CSPT program must complete 9 units of course work and a 6-unit thesis (SOCI 599) whose topic must be within the field of CSPT. Within or in addition to the 9 units of course work, they must complete two CSPT graduate seminars (3.0 units).

At least 12 of the 15 units must be drawn from Sociology listings in the calendar (CSPT 500 and CSPT 501 are considered Sociology courses if taught by a member of the Sociology Department). At least 13.5 units must be at the graduate level; 1.5 units may be selected from undergraduate Sociology courses numbered 300 and higher (subject to approval by the Graduate Adviser). CSPT Master's students are required to demonstrate competence in both sociological theory (SOCI 503 or 504) and method (SOCI 507 and SOCI 515).

Course requirements

Course Units
Thesis (SOCI 599) 6.0
Statistical Analysis (SOCI 507) 1.5
Qualitative Research Methods (SOCI 515) 1.5

One of the following:

Course Units
Classical Sociological Theory (SOCI 503) 1.5
Contemporary Social Theory (SOCI 504) 1.5

At least one of the following:

Course Units
Gender, Power and Social Justice (SOCI 525) 1.5
Political Sociology (SOCI 535) 1.5
Sociology of Health (SOCI 545) 1.5
Social Inequality (SOCI 556) 1.5
Social Movements (SOCI 566) 1.5
Seminar on Aging (SOCI 585) 1.5
Topics in Cultural, Social and Political Thought (CSPT 500)* 1.5
Contemporary Cultural, Social and Political Thought: I (CSPT 501) 1.5

* May be taken more than once if course content differs.

PhD: CSPT option

Doctoral students pursuing the CSPT option must meet the core requirements of their own department as well as the specific requirements of the CSPT program. A CSPT PhD student must complete 9.0 units of course work, subject to the same requirements that apply to other Sociology doctoral students (see Course Requirements above). CSPT doctoral students are required to take one section of CSPT 500 plus one section of CSPT 501/601.

In addition, such students write, as one of their comprehensive exams, a CSPT exam, set by the CSPT program. Students taking the CSPT doctoral option will have as their supervisor a CSPT faculty member who is also a member of the Sociology department. A Sociology CSPT student's dissertation must meet the requirements of both the CSPT Program and the Department of Sociology. The topic must be within the broad field of cultural, social and political thought.

  Unit Values
Total 30.0
Courses 6.0
CSPT 500 1.5
CSPT 501/601 1.5
Dissertation 21.0