We aim to keep you involved and in control of your student record. Once accepted into your program of study, you can use your NetLink ID to access My page, the UVic online student records and course registration portal. One of the items My page allows you to access is your administrative transcript (unofficial transcript), a current reflection of your academic record at UVic. If you have questions about the information on your administrative transcript, contact your academic unit through your graduate secretary or contact Graduate Admissions and Records.

As an official record of your academic history, UVic issues official transcripts at the request of current and former students. The official transcript shows your completed and in-progress courses, transfer credits and academic standing, and is current at the time of issue. Official transcripts can be ordered through My page.

If your personal information is incomplete or out of date, you can update it yourself by signing in to UVic and accessing your personal profile.

Sign in to UVic to get your information

Sign in to UVic to get the relevant online UVic information that you use every day. By pulling together your personal preferences on your customized view, you'll save time, be better informed and improve communication with people on campus.

It's important to maintain current personal information with UVic. Communications may be sent to you by mail or email, so be sure to update this information as it changes. On My page you can update your addresses and phone numbers, as well as provide us with the address of an alternate contact.

UVic uses your assigned email address for digital communications, unless otherwise specified. If you want to be contacted at another email address, you can change your preferred contact email.

Your name is an important part of your identity at UVic, as it will appear officially on your transcripts and on your diploma. It is important to verify that the name we have on file is correct for these official documents.

There are two types of name changes that you can do with UVic: official and preferred. For an official name change, you must contact the Graduate Admissions and Records Office to provide them with the proper documentation in order to change the name that appears on your student record.

The second type of name change is a preferred name change. Your preferred name is the name by which you are normally addressed by. It's used together with your last name within UVic's email system and online directory - it does not appear on your transcripts. A preferred name change can be done on My page and does not require formal documentation.

In the event of an emergency, it may be necessary for us to contact someone on your behalf. It is important that you keep the information of your chosen emergency contact current, in order to ensure that they can be reached. You can add or update your emergency contacts on My page by providing us with their name, address, phone number and relationship to you.

As a graduate student, your email and campus information will be added to UVic's directory listing. If your location on campus changes, or you want to add more details to your listing, you can view and edit your directory profile on My page.

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