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Organizing field schools

The Office of Global Engagement helps UVic faculty plan and lead field schools to international destinations. Note, however, that individual faculties are responsible for field school management.

They are designed primarily for international field schools. However, faculty members organizing domestic field schools are welcome to request and make use of them.


Please refer to the Occupational Health, Safety and Environment site to engage in the Field Safety Planning and Risk Assessment process.

You can self-enroll in the Brightspace "Instructor Guide to Experiential Learning". Its module on "Teaching in the Field" provides a good resource and forum for field school instructors.

Other supports include UVic's Experiential Learning workshop series, as well as the Experiential Learning Fund Grant.


Arrange for your students to participate in UVic’s online pre-departure course. It covers health & safety considerations for students as well as intercultural competency training. The course is administered through the Office of Global Engagement.

Field school directors are advised to attend a mental wellness support workshop to gain skills to support themselves and students during the stresses of travel.

If students are on campus an in-person pre-departure session (covering practical travel preparation, intercultural awareness, mental wellness training) can be arranged by the office of Global Engagement with support of UVic’s training specialist for the Student Mental Health Strategy.


How departments can collect fees from participating students:

  1. Cash or cheque: remittance form
  2. Payment cards
  • In-person payment cards with a Payment Entry Device (PED)
  • Online payment cards with a department-specific UVic-built payment webpage

* Credit card information must not be kept after the charge has been processed! * Separate Moneris merchant numbers are required for online and in-person payments. * It is NOT possible to set up your own bank account in the name of the University of Victoria or to open other payment card processing accounts (such as Paypal or Square) other than Moneris.

How to pay expenses associated with a field school:

  1. Invoices authorized in advance of field school dates are submitted to Accounts Payable and paid directly to the vendor.
    *Contact Purchasing Services for preferred suppliers and to outsource services.
  2. On-site expenses
  • Request an advance (processing time 10 business days). Submit Payment request form along with receipts to clear advance. Outstanding balances are repaid by cheque, made payable to the University of Victoria.
  • Outlay expenses personally and submit Business Expense Reimbursement form along with receipts to claim reimbursement.
If you have questions please contact Financial Services .

Field school mailing list

Join the field school mailing list maintained by Rhianna Nagel, Community-Engaged Learning Coordinator.