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ResourcePolicy No.Functional classificationApproving authoritiesDescription
Establishment of Endowed and Term Chairs and ProfessorshipsAC1100Academic and StudentsBoard of GovernorsThis policy guides the establishment and designation of Endowed or Term Chairs and Professorships. The purpose of Chairs and Professorships are to advance the university’s academic goals and objectives, to recognize and support faculty members of exceptional academic distinction, and to assist the university in its efforts to attract and/or retain outstanding scholars.
Scholarly Integrity Policy (A)AC1105(A)Academic and StudentsBoard of Governors
Scholarly Integrity Policy (B)AC1105(B)Academic and StudentsBoard of Governors
Educational Services Contract PolicyAC1110Academic and StudentsBoard of Governors
Off-Campus Graduate ProgramsAC1115Academic and StudentsBoard of Governors
Calendar SubmissionsAC1120Academic and StudentsSenate
Examinations and GradesAC1125Academic and StudentsSenate
Student AwardsAC1130Academic and StudentsSenate
Establishment of Certificate & Diploma Programs (and Associated Procedures)AC1135Academic and StudentsSenate
Title of Emeritus or EmeritaAC1140Academic and StudentsSenate
Academic Program ReviewAC1145Academic and StudentsSenate
Teaching and Organization of Courses and ProgramsAC1150Academic and StudentsSenate
Guidelines on Conflict of Interest in Student-Faculty RelationshipsAC1200Academic and StudentsBoard of Governors
Academic Accommodation and Access for Students with DisabilitiesAC1205Academic and StudentsSenate
Accommodation for Students on Days of Religious ObservanceAC1210Academic and StudentsSenate
Responding to the Death of a Student Member of the UniversityAC1215Academic and StudentsVice President - Academic
Resolution of Non-Academic Misconduct AllegationsAC1300Academic and StudentsBoard of Governors
Retention of External Legal Counsel PolicyAD2100AdministrationBoard of Governors
Guidelines for Participation in International ActivitiesAD2200AdministrationBoard of Governors
Ethical Assessment of the Institutional Quality of Programs and ServicesAD2205AdministrationPresident
Fieldwork and International Travel Risk Management PolicyAD2210AdministrationPresident
Licensing Program PolicyAD2215AdministrationBoard of Governors
Flag Display Policy (and Associated Procedures)AD2300AdministrationPresident
UVic Public Communications Policy for Program/Service InterruptionsAD2305AdministrationPresident
Motor Vehicle AD2315AdministrationVice President - Finance
Policy and Procedures for Conferences Supported by the UniversityAD2320AdministrationVice President - Finance
Liquor PolicyAD2400AdministrationVice President - Finance
Smoking PolicyAD2405AdministrationVice President - Finance
Bookstore OperationAD2500AdministrationVice President - Academic
Regalia Services PolicyAD2505AdministrationVice President - Academic
Audio Visual and Maintenance Services PolicyAD2510AdministrationVice President - Finance
Institutional Acquisition and Standardization of Information Technology DevicesAD2515AdministrationVice President - Finance
Printing and Duplicating Services PolicyAD2525AdministrationVice President - Finance
Photocopy and Facsimile (FAX) Services PolicyAD2530AdministrationVice President - Finance
Naming of Facilities and Physical Assets (and Associated Procedures)BP3100Buildings and PropertiesBoard of Governors
Building and Grounds Usage BP3105Buildings and PropertiesVice President - Finance
Use of Hallway, Corridor and Other Circulation SpaceBP3110Buildings and PropertiesVice President - Finance
Exterior Signs PolicyBP3115Buildings and PropertiesVice President - Finance
Interior SignsBP3120Buildings and PropertiesVice President - Finance
Key and Access Card ControlBP3125Buildings and PropertiesVice President - Finance
Furnishings, Fittings, Finishes and ArtworkBP3130Buildings and PropertiesVice President - Finance
University SignageBP3140Buildings and PropertiesVice President - Finance
Poster, Banner, and Handbill PolicyBP3145Buildings and PropertiesVice President - Academic
Use of Vehicles and Parking on the University of Victoria CampusBP3200Buildings and PropertiesBoard of Governors
Traffic and Parking RegulationsBP3205Buildings and PropertiesVice President - Finance
Maltwood Art Museum and GalleryBP3300Buildings and PropertiesVice President - External
Art CollectionsBP3310Buildings and PropertiesBoard of Governors
Policy on University of Victoria Art MuseumBP3315Buildings and PropertiesBoard of Governors
Policy of External Booking of University SpaceBP3400Buildings and PropertiesPresident
Use of University Facilities of Academic Departments by External Organizations or IndividualsBP3405Buildings and PropertiesVice President - Academic
University Centre Foyer Booking PolicyBP3410Buildings and PropertiesVice President - Academic
University Centre A180 Booking PolicyBP3415Buildings and PropertiesVice President - Academic
Policy Governing the Operation of the Cadboro Commons BuildingBP3420Buildings and PropertiesVice President - Academic
Booking Policy Guide - Residence & Food FacilitiesBP3425Buildings and PropertiesVice President - Academic
Booking of Physical Education, Athletics and Recreational FacilitiesBP3430Buildings and PropertiesVice President - Academic
University Centre Auditorium: General Use and Booking PolicyBP3435Buildings and PropertiesVice President - External
Booking of University SpaceBP3440Buildings and PropertiesPresident
Student Residences PolicyBP3500Buildings and PropertiesVice President - Academic
Operation of Family Housing PolicyBP3505Buildings and PropertiesVice President - Academic
Waste Management PolicyBP3600Buildings and PropertiesVice President - Finance
Fundraising and Gift Acceptance ER4105External RelationsBoard of Governors
Signing AuthorityFM5100Financial ManagementBoard of Governorsaccount amount approval board budget commitment contract dollar expenditure expense finance financial fund legal one over one purchasing seal sign transaction
Purchasing PolicyFM5105Financial ManagementBoard of Governors
Strategic Alliances PolicyFM5110Financial ManagementBoard of Governors
Short Term Investment PolicyFM5200Financial ManagementBoard of Governors
Capital Expenditures on Physical PlantFM5205Financial ManagementBoard of Governors
Social Responsibility and UVic Investments PolicyFM5215Financial ManagementBoard of Governors
Liability InsuranceFM5300Financial ManagementVice President - Finance
Indirect Costs of Research (and Associated Procedures)FM5400Financial ManagementPresident
Research Funding Management and Financial AccountabilityFM5405Financial ManagementBoard of Governors
Bookstore Budget PolicyFM5505Financial ManagementVice President - Academic
Food Services Budget PolicyFM5510Financial ManagementVice President - Academic
Residence Services - Budget PolicyFM5515Financial ManagementVice President - Academic
Printing and Duplicating Services Budget PolicyFM5520Financial ManagementVice President - Finance
Hospitality Expenditure PolicyFM5600Financial ManagementVice President - Finance
Policy on University Policies and Procedures (and Associated Procedures)GV0100GovernanceBoard of Governors
Human Rights, Equity and FairnessGV0200GovernanceBoard of Governors
Discrimination and Harassment Policy (and Associated Procedures)GV0205GovernanceBoard of Governors
Conflict of Interest and ConfidentialityGV0210GovernanceBoard of Governors
Intellectual PropertyGV0215GovernanceBoard of Governors
Internal Audit PolicyGV0220GovernanceBoard of Governors
Risk Management PolicyGV0225GovernanceBoard of Governors
Auditor Independence: Retention of External Auditors for Audit, Tax and Other Non-Audit ServicesGV0230GovernanceBoard of Governors
Protection of Privacy (and Associated Procedures)GV0235GovernanceBoard of Governors
Future Employment Restrictions: Senior Management EmployeesGV0240GovernanceBoard of Governors
Sexualized Violence Prevention and Response PolicyGV0245GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment of the ChancellorGV0295GovernanceBoard of Governors
Search, Appointment, and Re-appointment of the President and Vice-ChancellorGV0300GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment of the Vice-President Academic and ProvostGV0305GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment and Review of the Vice-President ResearchGV0310GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment of the Vice-President Finance and OperationsGV0315GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment of the Vice-President External RelationsGV0320GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment of the University Secretary (Registrar)GV0325GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment of Non-Academic Associate Vice-PresidentsGV0345GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment and Re-Appointment of Academic Associate Vice-PresidentsGV0350GovernanceBoard of Governors
Procedures for the Selection of the RegistrarGV0400GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment and Re-Appointment of the University LibrarianGV0410GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment and Re-Appointment of DeansGV0450GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment and Review of the Head of the Division of Medical SciencesGV0500GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment and Review of the Associate Dean of HumanitiesGV0600GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment of the Associate Dean, Faculty of BusinessGV0605GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment of the Associate Dean of Education (Research and Graduate Programs)GV0610GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment of the Associate Dean of Education (Undergraduate)GV0615GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment of the Associate Dean (Research) of EngineeringGV0620GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment of the Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs) of EngineeringGV0625GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment of the Associate Dean of Fine ArtsGV0630GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment of the Associate Dean of Graduate StudiesGV0635GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment of the Associate Dean of Human and Social DevelopmentGV0640GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment and Review of the Associate Dean of Social SciencesGV0645GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment of the Associate Dean of LawGV0650GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment of an Associate Dean of ScienceGV0655GovernanceBoard of Governors
Deans of Faculties and Divisions PolicyGV0660GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment and Re-Appointment of the Associate Dean Academic Advising (Faculties of Science, Social Sciences and Humanities) GV0670GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment of Chairs of Departments or DivisionsGV0700GovernanceBoard of Governors
Appointment and Re-Appointment of Research Centre DirectorsGV0705GovernanceBoard of Governors
Chairs of Departments and Directors of SchoolsGV0710GovernanceBoard of Governors
Duties and Responsibilities of Directors of Research CentresGV0715GovernanceBoard of Governors
SustainabilityGV0800GovernanceBoard of Governors
Employment EquityHR6100Human ResourcesBoard of Governors
Equity Policy for Female Faculty MembersHR6105Human ResourcesBoard of Governors
Guidelines on Preferential or Limited HiringHR6110Human ResourcesPresident
Employment AccommodationHR6115Human ResourcesBoard of Governors
Conflict of Interest in Employment PracticesHR6200Human ResourcesBoard of Governors
Casual Employment of Students (and Associated Procedures)HR6300Human ResourcesPresident
Employment Under Externally Funded Grants and ContractsHR6305Human ResourcesBoard of Governors
Post Doctoral Fellows Policy (and Associated Procedures)HR6310Human ResourcesVice President - Research
Specialist/Instructional AppointmentsHR6315Human ResourcesBoard of Governors
Appointment of Foreign AcademicsHR6320Human ResourcesVice President - Academic
Determination of Employment RelationshipHR6325Human ResourcesVice President - Finance
Professional Development Expenses and Leave - Management Excluded StaffHR6400Human ResourcesPresident
Relocation Grant PolicyHR6405Human ResourcesBoard of Governors
Professional Development Expenses - Regular Faculty Members and LibrariansHR6410Human ResourcesBoard of Governors
Travel Allowance for Visiting and Sessional AppointmentsHR6415Human ResourcesBoard of Governors
Professional Development Expense Policy for PEA StaffHR6420Human ResourcesBoard of Governors
Political Leave PolicyHR6425Human ResourcesBoard of Governors
Travel and Business ExpensesHR6500Human ResourcesVice President - Finance
Acceptable Use of Electronic Information ResourcesIM7200Information ManagementVice President - Finance
Copyright and Computer ProgramsIM7300Information ManagementPresident
Copyright and the Use of Video MaterialsIM7305Information ManagementPresident
Copyright Compliance and Administration PolicyIM7310Information ManagementPresident
Distribution of News and Information Publications on the CampusIM7400Information ManagementVice President - External
Libraries Loan PolicyIM7600Information ManagementSenate
Records Management (and Associated Procedures)IM7700Information ManagementBoard of Governors
Information Security (and Associated Procedures)IM7800Information ManagementBoard of Governors
Research PolicyRH8100ResearchBoard of Governors
Research Involving HumansRH8105ResearchBoard of Governors
Research or Teaching Involving AnimalsRH8110ResearchVice President - Research
External Research Funding Agreements (and Associated Procedures)RH8200ResearchBoard of Governors
Research Grants in Lieu of Salary Policy (and Associated Procedures)RH8205ResearchBoard of Governors
Establishment and Review of Research Centres (and Associated Procedures)RH8300ResearchSenate
Violence and Threatening BehaviourSS9105Safety and SecurityBoard of Governors
Critical Incident ResponseSS9115Safety and SecurityVice President - Finance
Prevention of Violence in the Workplace PolicySS9120Safety and SecurityVice President - Finance
Response to At-Risk BehaviourSS9125Safety and SecurityBoard of Governors
Environmental Health and Safety PolicySS9200Safety and SecurityPresident
Communicable Diseases PolicySS9300Safety and SecurityBoard of Governors