EU Study Tour Overview


What is the EU Study Tour?

The EU Study Tour and Internship Program is a field school that offers an experiential learning opportunity for university students across Canada through a program of guided visits to the major institutions of the European Union and several other places. 

The Study Tour takes place annually in May and builds on over 15 years of successful tours. It is an intensive program that takes approximately three weeks to complete. The Study Tour is grateful for the continued support of the European Commission and the Canadian Mission to the EU.

In May 2023, the Study Tour will bring students to the key European Institutions, as well as some other international organizations (e.g. NATO), think tanks, and civil society organizations.

Students will visit Brussels (Belgium), Luxembourg, and Frankfurt (Germany), and will engage with representatives of the EU's administrative and political leadership, such as:

  • the European Commission
  • Parliament
  • Court of Justice
  • Central Bank

And other European organizations, such as:

  • NATO
  • the Canadian Mission to the EU

The Study Tour is not simply an accredited course, it is designed to be a full immersion into European history, culture and political formation. 

In addition to participation in the Study Tour, a number of qualified participants are offered internship opportunities with EU institutions and other organizations following completion of the Tour. The 2023 internships are two months in duration, and are typically completed by the beginning of August (occasionally the timing differs). Some participants have remained in Europe to work or live, as a result of the networks and experiences they gained through this program.

The EU Study Tour and Internship Program is offered by the Canadian universities of the Network for European studies (Canada) and the University of Victoria, which has taken on the managing role since 2018. 

2023 Tour Itinerary

2023 Program Itinerary (updated July 2, 2023)

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2019 Program Itinerary (updated May 21 2019)

2018 Program Itinerary (updated July 21 2018)

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Video montage of the 12th EU study tour, held in May 2015.