EU Study Tour & Internship Program registration


*This page is intended for non-UVic study tour applicants. For UVic applications, please visit the UVIC Applications page

Students studying at a Network university (Carleton, Dalhouse, Kwantlen Polytechnic, UBC and UVic), please follow the application procedure of your home university. After you have been selected, the contact at your university will send you a link to a registration survey and instructions for the payment of the first of the two fee installments for the study tour. Please:

  1. Please complete and submit this online registration form by January 25, 2024 at the latest
  2. Pay the 1st installment of $1050 as soon as possible towards the overall fees of $3400 (by February 1st at the latest) -- as soon as possible is encouraged in order to accommodate students on the waitlist
  3. Detailed instructions for the Internship Program will follow by email. The Internship Program registration and fee payment deadline is February 19, 2024
  4. In due time, further necessary steps will be communicated to you (e.g. registering as a UVic visiting student for the purpose of the study tour). For any questions, please reach out to: 

Students studying at any other Canadian university, please contact by December 15, 2023:

  1. You will be referred to a contact faculty member at your home institution who will serve as a contact for you and UVic (the administrative home of the EU Study Tour)
  2. Please note that if your home institution is not a Network university, you may still possibly qualify for the internship program

EU study tour cost overview:

  • European Studies Study Tour program fee:
    • Network University students: $3400 (+3% credit card processing fee, if applicable)
    • Other Canadian universities: $3650 (+3% credit card processing fee, if applicable)
  • Tuition for the course associated with the EU Study Tour:
    • Carleton students: tuition for the applicable Carleton course
    • UBC students: tuition for the applicable UBC course
    • All other undergraduate students: tuition for UVic course EUS 390A
    • All other graduate students: $0 (Under the Canadian University Graduate Transfer Agreement, visiting graduate students are not required to pay additional tuition fees) 
  • Return airfare to Brussels
  • Meals while on the EU Study Tour (accomodation is covered through the EU Study Tour program fee)

Additional costs:

  • UVic visiting student fee
    • Students must become a 'visiting student' at UVic (for liability management reasons) and the associated cost is approximately $80 to $120 for undergraduate students, including those from Carleton and UBC; less for graduate students)
  • Incidentals while on the study tour
  • Local transit in Brussels 
  • Passport and entry visa processing fee (as applicable. No cost for Canadian students who stay in Europe for less than 90 days)
  • Emergency travel medical insurance (students are covered through their home institution)
  • Transportation to and from placement city (majority of placements are in Brussels)
  • Living expenses, including lodging in city of placement

Additional fees once approved for the Internship Program:

  • $1000 internship fee
  • Transportation to and from placement city (majority of placements are in Brussels)
  • Living expenses, including lodging in placement city