EU Study Tour - UVic students

Application and registration procedure:

Deadline for applying: Application portal now closed. Please contact for information about the 2024 EU Study Tour and other experiential learning opportunities

Grants and available funding:

UVic students selected to participate in the study tour will automatically qualify for a travel grant from UVic's European Union Centre of Excellence.

There are additional funding opportunities, including a $500 grant from UVic's Student International Activities Fund that students are encouraged to apply for

UVic students interested in the study tour:

Am I eligible/sufficiently prepared to participate in the EU study tour?

  • Yes, you are eligible and sufficiently prepared for the study tour if you have taken an EUS course (EUS 100, 200, 300)

What if I did not take EUS 100, 200 or 300?

  • You may still be eligible! EUS 200 and 300 are being offered in Spring 2023 and still have space
  • If you have other courses from UVic or another institution that you think may be applicable to the study tour, please email to discuss further