EU Study Tour - UVic students

EU Study Tour - UVic students

The study tour will take place May 13 - 31, 2024. General information regarding the tour can be found here

2024 EU Study Tour - application procedure:

Application deadline: December 15, 2023

Start your application here.

We will email admission decisions by January 10, 2024 (we may reach out to you earlier with any possible questions). 

EU Study Tour cost overview:

  • EU Study Tour fee: approximately $3400 (+3% credit card processing fee, if applicable)
  • Tuition for 390A [graduate students, please contact]
  • Return airfare to Brussels
  • Local transit in Brussels
  • Meals while on the EU Study Tour (accommodation is covered through the program fee)
  • Incidentals while on the EU Study Tour
  • Additional costs for the Internship Program (if applicable), including a $1000 internship program fee

Grants and available funding:

Admission to the field school means that that you are automatically on track to win a UVic Jean Monnet EU Centre of Excellence grant of $1,400 (unless you indicate to decline the grant when you apply).

Specifically, you win this JM EUCE grant if you get admitted to the EU Study Tour and you subsequently make sure to: (i) pay all the tour fees on time, (ii) complete all the mandatory course requirements for EUS 390A on time, and (iii) satisfy any other conditions communicated to you in the admission email (example: you may be asked to complete EUS 300 in Spring 2024).

If you satisfy the requirements, the JM EUCE grant will normally be paid out to you in July. There are additional funding opportunities, including a $500 grant from UVic's Student International Activities Fund. It is up to you to find such opportunities and apply for them.

UVic students interested in the study tour:

Am I eligible/sufficiently prepared to participate in the EU study tour?

  • A sufficiently strong background in European Studies is essential for the EU Study Tour. Successful UVic applicants typically have completed at least one A-C below:
    • A. EUS 100 and EUS 200
    • B. EUS 300 or POLI 379
    • C. POLI 211 

What if I do not have A, B, or C above?

  • A sufficiently strong background in European Studies is essential for the EU Study Tour. You may still be able to register in EUS 200 and/or EUS 300 which are both offered in the Spring term
  • If you have other courses from UVic or another institution that you think may be applicable to the study tour, please email to discuss further