EU Study Tour - UVic students

Application deadline for the 2022 EU Study Tour & Internship Program: April 1, 2022

This page contains additional information for UVic students only. Applicants from other participating universities should inquire about pre-approval, possible travel support and more with their home institutions. 

Application and Registration Procedure

All UVic undergraduate and graduate students must submit an online application, including a letter of intent and CV in Europass format, by April 1, 2022 to be considered for admission to the Study Tour. Every UVic applicant is considered for a travel grant, funded by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. Students can also apply to UVic's Student International Activities Fund for grants.

Students from other participating universities will have internal, home institution deadlines for approval to participate. 

As this is a major component of the Minor in European Studies or, for POLI students, a Concentration in European Studies, please declare your minor/concentration before May through MyPage.

For more information on the online application and formatting your CV and cover letter for the optional internship component, please visit the Tour Registration page


About the EU Study Tour

The EU Study Tour and Internship Program is a unique field school opportunity for upper-level and graduate students in a variety of disciplines—business, economics, European politics, international relations, social policy, journalism and culture—to immerse themselves in the workings of European Union institutions. The Study Tour provides students with the opportunity to have face-to-face contact and dialogue with presenters and seminar leaders who are actively involved in the day-to-day work of the EU. Students will also meet with representatives of other European institutions (including Canada's), policy think tanks, and civil society organizations. This experience isn’t only about the EU—it’s in the EU! Each year great effort is made to highlight topics of current relevance to Europe and Canada as well as to continue to deliver a high-quality core program of economic, political, social, and business themes.

After the Study Tour, students have an opportunity for an internship with a European institution, for two months in duration. Completion of the Study Tour is a prerequisite for participation in the internship program.

Travel grants are available for UVic students from UVic's European Union Centre of Excellence to help cover the costs, and students can also apply to UVic's Student International Activities Fund for a $500 grant.

Visit our study tour page for more information on how to apply, or contact