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Recognition & service

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Members of our university community contribute to its success in many ways. Whether it be through teaching, years of service, volunteering or research, UVic celebrates these achievements through awards and recognition events throughout the year.

In the news

Open 2022 UVic Order of Canada

2022 UVic Order of Canada

Pioneering jurist Marion Buller, the University of Victoria’s chancellor, former UVic president Jamie Cassels and Jan Zwicky, acclaimed poet and philosopher and professor emeritus are among 85 new...

Open Groundbreaking jurist Buller

Groundbreaking jurist Buller

Canadians selected for induction into the Order of Canada have made “extraordinary contributions” to the nation. Pioneering jurist Marion Buller is one of 85 new appointments announced today by...

June ringers

UVic Libraries’ Associate University Librarian Reconciliation Ry Moran has been appointed to a new federal leadership circle designed to guide and support Indigenous research in Canada. Librarian...

Open Leadership award for connecting communities

Leadership award for connecting communities

A UVic anthropologist who has dedicated much of his career to supporting Indigenous Peoples’ land rights is the latest recipient of the Leadership Victoria Award for Extending Reconciliation.

 More award news

Campus Kudos

Campus Kudos in a series of informal events hosted by President Hall to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements and accomplishments of our talented and hard-working faculty, staff, and students.

You're the Best-Fest

You're the Best-Fest is a week-long festival for UVic employees to celebrate, appreciate and reconnect with one another.

Long Service Recognition Reception

The Long Service Recognition Reception is an annual event that honours UVic employees who have completed 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service.

Retirees’ Dinner

The Retirees’ Dinner is an annual event hosted by the president. At this dinner, we honour retiring UVic employees for their years of service.

Recognition Toolkit

Sincere recognition is one of the most powerful ways to let an employee know they are valued and their work matters. Formal awards programs are only one way to recognize employees. This toolkit provides a variety of ways to provide timely, meaningful and relevant recognition and suggestions for how to cultivate a culture of recognition in your team.

President’s Extraordinary Service Awards

The President’s Extraordinary Service Awards celebrate the outstanding contributions of individuals and teams from across campus.

There are four categories of awards open for individual and team nomination. Each awards cycle begins with a call for nominations. A nominator must be an active UVic employee. Find more information on nominations.

Provost’s Advocacy & Activism Awards

The Provost’s Advocacy and Activism Award acknowledges the dedicated advocates and activists in our community.

These awards are open to current students, faculty or staff and alumni who demonstrate dedication to the advancement of social equity through advocacy and activism.

Faculty awards & honours

UVic faculty members have received internal, national and international recognition for their research achievements. Each award and honour we receive reflects both the quality of our people and our reputation as one of Canada’s leading research intensive universities.

External awards

There are several association or industry awards that your team may be eligible for.

External awards are a great way to recognize outstanding achievements of team members.

The contribution their efforts make can also help advance UVic's local and global reputation.

Examples of external awards:

  • The CAUBO awards are the Oscars of best practices in higher education administration.
  • Victoria Community Leadership Awards celebrate inspiring stories and successes of community leadership in Greater Victoria. Anyone can nominate a friend, colleague or role model.

Most professional associations or industry groups also have annual awards. Research the ones related to the work of your team and encourage nominations.

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