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Campus Kudos

UVic Intramural Staff
The UVic Intramural Staff at the April 2024 Campus Kudos

Campus Kudos celebrates and acknowledges the achievements and accomplishments of our talented and hard-working faculty, staff and students. 

President Kevin Hall will recognize the people receiving Campus Kudos at informal celebration events throughout the academic year.

Kudos are shared with our campus community so we can all learn more about the great things happening at UVic and the people that make up this institution. 

The next Campus Kudos will be in the fall of 2024.


The UVic community is made up of people and groups doing amazing things every day to make a difference in our world and on our campus. We want to celebrate the many kinds of contributions—small or large, visible or unseen—that make UVic a great place to work and study.

Please nominate faculty, staff and students who:

  • have made a significant or creative contribution to the campus community by going above or beyond their role, 
  • are engaged with the wider community and working to make Greater Victoria a great place to live, work and learn, and/or 
  • have received significant external awards for scholarship, learning, teaching, research or community contributions

There is a very simple nomination process:

  • please fill out the Campus Kudos form to let President Hall know about the achievements of current faculty, staff members or students
  • you can submit a nomination whenever you identify someone who you think deserves kudos—deadlines for upcoming events will be published in the Campus Checklist

Our Spring event is full, but nominations may be submitted at any time and will be considered for the Fall event in 2024.


David Murphy, Awards Facilitator in Strategic Research Initiatives

  • Instrumental in facilitating the addition of two significant new awards – one for Indigenous scholars and one for early-career researchers.
  • Exceptional work ethic, makes all those involved feel that their time and energy are valued by their colleagues and by UVic, which grows engagement and fosters a culture of belonging.

Donna Maxwell & Theresa Bourque, Accounts Payable in Payments, and Banking Services

  • Accounting superheroes!
  • ensures that specific accounting needs are met, even the most obscure requests and processes are handled with even measure.

Rob Johns, Jess Maclean, Erin King, Kirsten Lauvaas, Rachel Lieske, Ali Baggot, Cassbreea Dewis, Pam Richards, Barb Eccles, Christina Harris - Emergency Operations Centre, Emergency and Issues Team

  • responds to multiple weather concerns for campus, student and staff conduct, medical issues, perceived threats on campus, and much more. This team continues to work collaboratively, effectively and swiftly to manage UVic's reputation and provide safety, quality care and support.

Fatemeh Zarvasi, Department of English

  • Coordinates Nourish + Flourish, a World-cafe style student leadership event.
  • ensured this program fosters community-building by breaking bread together, where authentic connections with one another can happen while enjoying a locally prepared meal.

Colette Smart, Catherine Léger, Su Urbanczyk - First in Class Mentorship Program

  • developed a crucial program to help first-generation students feel a sense of belonging on campus.
  • helped establish a strong community to help support first-gen students throughout their academic journey, providing catered 1-on-1 support, and by addressing and removing systemic barriers these mentees may face.

Janine Mayers, Assistant Registrar, Academic Advising

  • treats people like they are her equals no matter what area of the office you work in treats her staff like colleagues rather than subordinates. checks in with her staff and reassures them with a very capable hands-on approach.
  • Makes working at UVic a happier and healthier place

    Leigh Andersen, Distribution Services
  • Excellent customer-first approach. In the face of anonymous complaints, he approaches them all with a positive rationale and speedy resolution
  • Leigh and his team’s work has gone a long way for UVic’s reputation

     Mandy Suen, Equity and Human Rights Office

  • expert collaborator, an excellent communicator, and patient with her time while working with other.
  • There is no question or issue she can’t handle, shed insight on, or guide you to the right person with the right answer

Julia Keenan, Tannaz Hosseini, Rachel Drummond, and Anika Leist - Pass the Positivity from UVic Alumni to UVic Students Team

  • coordinated encouraging and positive messages from UVic alumni around the globe. These messages were shared with current students via social media and in person through postcards and chocolates, reaching over eight hundred students. 

Nicole Herron, Jane Mayes, Libby Goby, Mo Mitchell, Cedar Rain, and Liv Woodworth - Pronoun Button-Making Initiative Team

  • hosted a pronoun button-making workshop for Library and University staff, producing buttons across nine different pronoun sets
  • this team emphasized the urgent need for ongoing support and visibility for trans communities within both the Library and the wider community.

Elke Kite and Stephanie Johannessen - Purchasing Team, Contract Specialists

  • work magic to pull together legal, privacy, risk teams, accounting services, and others to get results without sacrificing thoroughness or quality
  • They make working with academic units and administrative department seamless!

Sandra Guerreiro, Audience Services Manager

  • dedication to her students is unwavering, and ensures they receive the best skills and training for success
  • fostering loyalty and commitment through her cultivated relationships. She is always present during the day and at every evening and weekend performance in the Phoenix Theatre.

Ed Wiebe, Duncan Johannessen, Siobhan McGoldrick, and Casey Brant - School of Earth and Ocean Sciences - Senior Laboratory Instructors

  • Their passion for education and science extends far beyond the classroom. They have consistently demonstrated a commitment to fostering a collaborative, inspirational, and inclusive culture for students, faculty, and staff.
  • They embody what it means to be Distinctly UVic. Their impact extends far beyond the confines of the laboratory, shaping the future of Earth & Ocean Sciences education at our institution

Steven Fan- Treasury Services

  • As a research expert he looks for opportunities to improve financial performance for UVic and the UVic Foundation.
  • A brilliant strategist he onboards meaningful financial strategies.

Katie Croudy and Deborah Ogilvie – English Department Social Media Campaign

  • instrumental in launching and implementing a highly creative and innovative yet informative advertising and educational campaign.
  • their work included promoting amazing videos created by students and other informational videos on Instagram as well as building a highly informative website dedicated to the new curriculum

Tara Britt, OREM Assessments

  • Passionate about helping students, she goes beyond her scope to make sure her team and their services deliver impact and results.
  • Responsible for the OREM Accommodate Assessment program broadening her role and duties to help and serve our students in the best way possible.

Delali Diabla, Ariel Schellenberger, Jared Perras, Liam Phillips Abby Mackenzie, Kara Skirzyk Ted Robinson, Carsen Phillips, Takin Marvasti, Garrett Hrenchka, Sierra Reisig, Adam Drazik, Presley Rangel, Nyle Lebbell, Keegan Phillips, Davin Fisher, and Sophia Friesen - UVic Intramurals Staff

  • elevated the intramural experience and fostered a strong sense of community for the nine thousand registrants who participate in the program
  • created a positive and inclusive environment for all participants and exemplifies the qualities of effective leadership. They inspire and motivate others contributing to positive mental and physical health in our campus community

Owen Pritchard, Jaxon Kuchar, Sammy Ross, Oscar Grainger, Steven Randall, Quinn Storey, Francois Richard, Mike Caryk, Tristan Van Nierkerk, Nicholas Murray, Victor Lefebvre, Devin McNair, David Waller, Luke Suchoski, Luke Sandmaier, Tion McLeish, Mitchell Klassen, Adam Scott, Jack Napier-Ganley, Nicolas Willey, Leah Shumka, and Reem Girgrah - Vikes Engaging Men Program Group

  • These student leaders were actively involved in the pilot of a 6-week Engaging Men program. The goal of this program is to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to be critical agents of change in ending gender-based violence and create cultures of care, consent and personal, as well as collective, accountability.
  • Agents of change, educating our friends, families, and colleagues on ways to make people feel like they belong, and to avoid harmful language, attitudes or actions

Alina Fisher, Research Manager for the Department of Environmental Studies

  • stands as an inspirational figure, especially for women aspiring to make a positive impact on the environment and our surroundings,
  • local conservation efforts, particularly with the deer population, highlight her commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement

Christa Kutzner, Supervisor for Student Services Admissions in the Division of Continuing Studies

  • is instrumental in the lives of many students, celebrating their journeys from learning English to achieving university degrees and beyond,
  • leads a dynamic team in the Student & Financial Services, fostering a community that breathes life into the experiences of learners, staff, and faculty at UVic

CJ Smith, Acting Administrative Officer at the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

  • significantly enhances the grad student experience and she is known for going beyond her assigned duties,
  • makes a notable impact on the department's atmosphere, making students feel welcomed and supported

Jarred MaClean, Waste Reduction Supervisor for the Facilities Department

  • actively volunteers at International Student events and Residence community leader meet-ups, advocating for waste reduction and educating the campus community,
  • facilitates tours of the transfer station, dedicating hours to assist the Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability in crafting public communications for the campus

Karena (Kara) Shaw, Professor in the School of Environmental Studies

  • led the development of the innovative Transformative Climate Action Certificate and micro credential program, a collaborative effort between the School of Environmental Studies and Continuing Studies,
  • brought together a diverse network of students, community members, and faculty to employ multiple course modalities

Kim Wurban, Academic Timetable Clerk for Registrar Information Systems (RISS)

  • plays a crucial role in organizing timetables for numerous classrooms and instructors, showcasing remarkable readiness and willingness to assist,
  • efficiently handles over 40 tutorial sections annually for 100-level classes

Meghan Reyda-Molnar, Bachelor of Science Student in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

  • volunteers with Let’s Talk Science, recently as Local Research Coordinator, and she was a founding organizer of Science Rendezvous YYJ, which attracted over 1000 people to UVic in its first year,
  • lead of the Communications subcommittee, she coordinated efforts with communication specialists from various faculties and institutions, all while completing her Honours degree

Nainika Banger, Bachelor of Commerce student in the Gustavson School of Business

  • volunteering as Director of Office Crawls for the UVic Commerce Student Society (CSS), where she organized professional networking events,
  • serves as the Executive of Professional Development for the Commerce Students Society and holds the position of Vice-President of the Young Women in Business club, focusing on empowering marginalized students in the business field

Pat Seward, Associate Director, Parking & Commuter Services for Campus Security

  • respectfully handled the raising of the Survivor’s flag, gifted to the university at Orange Shirt Day events,
  • managed troubleshooting for sizes and fastening the flag in a quick and efficient way

Rowena Chee, Administrative Assistant for Residence Services

  • unwavering dedication, exceptional work ethic, and remarkable organizational skills, Rowena has been a driving force behind the team's success,
  • ability to empower others to become self-sufficient by understanding solutions to their queries is highly valued

Theresa Gallant, Director of Administration for the Faculty of Humanities

  • provided substantial support to the development of the Indigenous Studies program, demonstrating her commitment to academic growth and cultural enrichment,
  • excels in allocating the resources of the Humanities Faculty in a manner that is fair, transparent, and kind, and always with consistent cheerfulness, helpfulness, and readiness

Waheeda Esmail, Director of Administration for the Department of Medical Sciences

  • serves as a positive and supportive role model for women in the workplace, embodying leadership and compassion,
  • beyond her role at UVic, Waheeda has been a board member for various organizations dedicated to social justice, equality, non-discrimination, empowerment, racial equity, diversity, and inclusion

Yuri Song, Bachelor of Science Student in Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology

  • actively engages with the Science Living and Learning Community (LLC), which consists of first-year Faculty of Science students,
  • created a successful model for future Residence Leaders to enhance experiential learning opportunities for students at the beginning of their academic journey

Barb Eccles, Michelle Manning, Wency Lum, Eric van Wiltenburg, Denise Helm, Nicole Greengoe, Michelle Peterson, Jill Morrison, Andrea Chan, Manami Kamijo, Brenda Wickware, Brad Bouchard, Erin Jensen, Abby Mackenzie, Olivia Fryer, Amy Clarke, Melissa Keil, Larissa McKinlay, Derushka Pillay, Nikki Grobbecker, Nick Clarke, Marc Johns, Nancy Duncan, Kelly O’Grady, Olivia Thoen, Todd England, Christine Corr, Gail Milliken, and Shannon Nielsen – Audience View Data Breach Response Team

  • responded swiftly to a data breach at Audience View, an external ticketing vendor used by Vikes, during the Vikes championship playoffs,
  • ensured the championship event ran smoothly despite the challenging circumstances, showcasing exceptional teamwork and problem-solving skills

Devin Stark, Kelly McBeath, and Karsten Provan, Undergraduate Records and Graduation Services

  • exceptional dedication and efficiency to the varied and complex administrative needs of the Social Sciences co-op area, which manages a massive number of current students,
  • impacted the smooth operation and success of the co-op program, earning them deep appreciation from the co-op office team

Cecilia Rose, Theresa Lundy, Natalie Crawford, Brenda Martinez, Renata Lutz, Mayah Stratton, Amy Chen, Sonam Dema, Sara Mosher-Mandel, Olivia Zhao, Jean Lomas, Kiran Patel, Christian Bergmeister, and Ruth Wax, International Centre for Students

  • pivotal in supporting international students, fostering an interculturally connected campus, and enhancing education abroad experiences while promoting inclusion and belonging

Andy Mavretic, Ased Said, Courtney Northrup, Elizabeth Errington, Faye Hoffman, Ivan Petrovic, Lynne Johnstone, Margaret Balasamy, Maria-Elena Froese, Maryi Arciniegas Mendez, Sarah Hood, Selina McGinnis, Takumi Adachi, Learning Central Project Team

  • successfully created Learning Central, a one-stop shop for employees to register for learning and for departments to offer training with ease,
  • partnership between the Systems and Human Resources departments, showcasing collaborative effort across campus

Stephanie Smith and Ben McAllister, Risk, Insurance & Continuity Planning Team

  • responded to many water incidents and fire events at UVic, demonstrating their ability to handle multiple emergencies efficiently,
  • working beyond normal hours to ensure that these incidents are addressed promptly and safely

Tom Lam - senior procurement advisor for Purchasing Services

  • deep experience, willingness to listen to problems, solve and fast track where possible, and general leadership eases concerns and ensure successful project deliveries

Mark Stephenson - treasury analyst for Treasury and Risk Management

  • encouraging and inclusive leader when it comes to volunteering, climate action and sustainability,
  • amazing captain of the Go By Bike Week team, the UVic Coffee Brakes

Jessica Gelowsky - associate director of strategic projects and initiatives for Student Affairs

  • organized a week of highly successful meetings and events to bring Kapal and UVic leaders together
  • highly dedicated, speedy and efficient, and a positive and encouraging colleague

Nancy Ami - manager of Centre for Academic Communications

  • kind, inclusive, and creative, she has helped thousands of students navigate academic communication supports

Emily Ashton - campus engagement assistant for Athletics & Recreational Services

  • excels at building the Vikes Nation spirit on campus and through social media
  • a prominent leader in the Fitness and Weight Centre, working as a Community Leader in Residence, and lifeguarding at the McKinnon pool

Eugenie Lam, Kenna Miskelly, Jeta Rugova-Plakolli, Emilie Tse - UVic human research ethics team

  • exemplify teamwork and are shining examples of how to work collaboratively in a calm, kind, respectful, and inclusive way
  • regularly go above and beyond, when helping researchers successfully navigate the ethics process

Kristi Blyth, Sandra Curran, Dan Hogg, Iona Hubner, Kirk McNally, Tim O’Gorman, Hollis Roberts, Sarah Murphy - Fine Arts emergency team

  • play a key role in promoting a healthy and safe working environment for the occupants of the Fine Arts, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts buildings

Bethel Sileshi and Swapnil Daxini - Global Community ambassadors

  • incredibly gifted at building connections for students and making people feel welcome
  • dedicated countless hours volunteering at UVic events, supporting food security programs, encouraging participation in student life grants, sexualized violence prevention programs and sports activities

Byron Crossley, Nicole Gilchrist, Hajime Kataoka, Trevar Pearce - Division of Continuing Studies online learning services team

  • transition courses online, and handle an increase in registrations at an unimaginable pace, all the while applying new quality frameworks
  • always put the needs of a course and its learners above expediency 

Brita Harrison, Anika Leist, Julie Potter, Morgan Slavkin - Women Leading Change Series team

  • outstanding coordination efforts and leadership to deliver an initiative that addresses the needs and issues that matter to everyone in our community

Ian Case, Tejas Collison, Lindsay Delaronde, Maria del Carmen Rodriguez de France, Rebecca Hass, Clinton Kuzio, Ry Moran, Sudhir Nair, Shelagh Rogers, Lorilee Wastasecoot - Voices In Circle Programming Circle

  • a powerhouse group that teamed up to launch a presenting and engagement series featuring established and emerging Indigenous artists
  • created incredible programming that brings Indigenous voices to the forefront

Snow Closure Team - Amardeep Bhatti, Ali Johnson, Amrit Gossal, Ariel Cabangangan, Avel Bayot, Arend Stamhuis, Ashleigh Draaisma, Ben Kyles, Bill Read, Bill Mawbey, Bob Thompson, Brian Gauthier, Burm Buasuwanchai, Caleb Luke, Catherine Estimada, Charles Bradshaw, Craig Belton, Craig Payne, Danielle Beachamp, Dave Carter, Dave Sylvest, Dan Braga, Dave Collins, Dean Cameron, Derrick MacLeod, Edward Choo, Eshetu Woldeyes, Faustin Wavedila, Giannina Mercado, Glenn Douglas, Guiller Cusi, Han-Liang Tai, Harjit Dulku, Jake Werrun, Jack Gahunia, Jackie Holliday, James Mason, Jas Gahunia, Joseph  Blas, Jorden Tytgat, Judd Gruenberg, John Ahn, Joseph Papio, Ken Campbell, Kieu Vuong, Kon Grib, Kristen Sernoski, Laura Baddeley, Laura Nava, Marco De Medeiros, Mohammad Tarrach, Mike Gillespie, Patrick Telford, Paul L'Heureux, Parick Seward, Paul Mason, Richard Sologastua, Rob O'Neill, Rob Tunks, Robert Da Costa, Roland Honicke, Richard Christison, Roberto Montagnaro, Rose Nguyen, Rose Nimwilai, Smain Saidi, Scott Montgomery, Seth Munro, Shane Furmanic, Shane Randall, Thanh Banh ,Thuy Chau, Tracey Marcelle, Tsering Dhondup, Tanisha Marcelle, Teija Humalamaki, Taj Johal, Tony Qualizza, Yi Chen, Zoey Westle

  • ensured food options were available for people who call UVic their home, maintained cleanliness, safety and security, and worked tirelessly to ensure that when UVic opened, our entire campus community had access to our daily amenities

Animal Care Services Team

  • work year-round to make sure that all the animals involved in teaching and research are safe, well-cared for, and provided as much of an enriched life as possible
  • no matter the weather or university closures, this team makes it to campus to care for the animals

Lori Nolt - director of Student Awards and Financial Aid

  • modeling patient, compassionate and courageous leadership supporting the needs of students, especially those who deal with financial hardships

Mary McCue - director's assistant and office administrator for First Peoples House

  • making people feel comfortable and at ease
  • ensuring the First Peoples House feels like a "home away from home," especially for visiting Elders

Lori Shaw - immigration coordinator for the Office of General Counsel

  • went above and beyond her duties to secure a playwright and her family from Zimbabwe, navigating flights, hotels, quarantine and even meeting them in Vancouver when they arrived

Philip Cox - communications officer, Faculty of Humanities

  • an extremely skilled strategic thinker with a deep commitment to collegiality, collaboration, equity, diversity, Indigenization and decolonization

Diane Sam - cultural protocol liaison, Office of Indigenous Academic and Community Engagement

  • critical to all UVic's cultural protocol, Diane often goes out of her way to support events like the 215+ Remembrance Ceremony, National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and the Indigenous Welcome to the Campus, calling on her personal networks to ensure success

Melvin Peters - director of administration, Faculty of Humanities

  • has gone above and beyond in supporting mentoring Humanities faculty and staff, building strong relationships and advancing the work of equity, diversity, inclusion, anti-racism and decolonization

John Threlfall - communications and special projects officer, Faculty of Fine Arts

  • consistently goes above and beyond in offering his creativity and ingenuity to many initiatives on campus, improving our campus culture as a fun and better-informed space for all

Nicole Achtymichuk, Gillian Booth, Shannon Lake, Katie Hughes, Orvis Starkweather, Lorilee Wastasecoot, Caroline Ridel and Roger Huffman - Legacy Art Galleries team

  • moved swiftly and safely to be one of the first public venues on campus to open during the pandemic, demonstrating dedication and passion for supporting arts and culture in our community

Mike Gillespie, Dave Collins, Chris Sawatsky, Thai Le, Jimmy Aquino, Dave Gellatly, Rodrigo Solomon and Ruenruedee Nimwilai - Library Custodial Services

  • with a unique combination of fearlessness and positivity, this team made it possible for those working and studying in the libraries to continue doing so during the most challenging times during the pandemic

Laura Doublet, Ry Moran, Jane Morrison, Lisa Petrachenko, Pia Russell and Dean Seeman - decolonizing description task group

  • actively set out to change aspects of an outdated and offensive global vocabulary, guided by a set of principles that prioritize respect, diversity and improved representation in describing Indigenous-focused material across the Libraries’ collections and resources

Inba Kehoe, Emma Hilliard, Jennifer Ashmore and Mary Macleod - copyright and scholarly communications team

  • scanned the university landscape to determine the extent to which the Libraries’ licensed electronic resources were being used, identified 327 titles being used in 270 courses, which resulted in a savings of near $630K for UVic students

Adam Taylor, Janice Johnson, Melanie Groves, Kim Fawthorpe, Michelle Peterson, Tom Downie, Patrick Seward, Rob Johns, Boriana Tzatcheva, Ron Proulx, Ron Kozan, Nav Bassi, Ben McAllister, Andy Mavretic, Pam Richards, Vanessa Cartwright, Anisa Montgomery, Jaclyn Davidson and Chandra Beaveridge - rapid test distribution and COVID-19 logistics teams

  • made sure employees and students could pick up packs of rapid tests for COVID-19 during a time when kits were scarce, handing out more than 10,000 kits over a period of 7 days
  • coordinated the free UVic mask program in partnership with Student Affairs, the furniture and equipment protocols to support remote offices with Facilities Management, the vaccine attestation follow-up program and much more

Ethan Perriccioli, Julie Sloan, Christina Harris, Lindsay Gagel, Ali Baggott, Krista Boehnert, Mel Carter, Mallory DeMille, Denise Helm, Mel Groves, Alicia Kaiser, Erin King, Christine Howard and Rain Scott - internal communications team

  • this team's work was crucial in directly supporting the university’s ongoing and rapidly changing COVID responses for the past two years
  • available at all hours, 24/7, they ensured the entire campus community was both promptly informed and prepared at every stage of the pandemic developments

Kellee Strom, Kjalen Hansen, Christine Howard and Melanie Carter - parchment project team

  • developed a modern parchment worthy of UVic's outstanding graduates today and in the future through cross-Canada research on best practices
  • key objectives included adding graduate’s primary area of study, an embossed gold seal, inclusion of UVic's territorial acknowledgement and enhanced security features

Diana Varela — dean of academic advising in Humanities, Science and Social Sciences

  • doing impressive work supporting undergraduate student faculty members, chairs and directors, and impacting the campus community in the tri-faculties

Graham Rhodes — Occupational Heath, Safety and Environment consultant

  • working hard in support and care for the community

Jennifer Sauter — program assistant/assistant to the chair of Germanic and Slavic Studies

  • successfully assisting colleagues, students, and the program chair
  • has enhanced media presence, provided problem-solving solutions and support in all aspects of running the department

Gabe Ho — Financial Planning and Operations

  • helped streamline the posting process of a record-breaking number of job postings in UVic Careers over the past nine months by suggesting additional improvements to the current process, by reviewing posting requisitions quickly and by expediting time-sensitive requests

Lydia Toorenburgh — inaugural tri-faculty Indigenous resurgence coordinator

  • developing an Indigenous implementation plan for each of the faculties that responded to UVic’s Indigenous Plan and the Strategic Framework as well as the TRC Calls to Action

Alicia Kaiser, Mel Carter, Lauren Heppell and Christine Howard — University Communications + Marketing

  • created the strong and strategic appearance of Aspiration 2030 that included representation of all UVic’s impact areas and honoured Carey Newman’s artwork

Trish Kearley — administrative and finance officer, University Systems

  • development and maintenance of the University Systems contracts database, which processes support a continuity of services and cost savings for all central IT equipment, licenses and services

Emma Stuart, Jasmine Desjardins, Jean Dickson, Kathy Jang, Charlotte Loppie — HSD Research Support Centre team

  • maintaining and improving the research support services provided to faculty, post-docs and graduate students in the Faculty of Human and Social Development, including an increased workload of new COVID-19 related research projects

Rhianna Nagel and Alexandra Haupt — Community-Engaged Learning

  • supporting students and faculty with experiential learning opportunities, community-engaged courses/research and professional development

Mark Hovey, Gord Heal and Darcy Douglas — Farquhar Auditorium production team

  • keeping the lights on and meeting the needs of both campus users and community groups using the facility while protecting the health and safety of everyone who comes to the Farquhar Auditorium

Elisabeth Gugle — associate professor and chair, Department of Economics

  • helping students, colleagues, and staff with advising students so that they get the most out of their education at UVic

Anne-Lise Loomer — senior development officer

  • managing a significant fundraising portfolio while also being open and available to mentor other fundraising professionals

Cat Price — assistant to the associate dean, advising - Humanities, Science and Social Sciences

  • assisted students through academic support with tri-fac programs, ensuring staff safety, knowledge and training in all practices

Sarah Hood, Cara Jones, Karissa Sovdi and Sarah Howe —organization development and learning services team

  • building a learning program exclusively for UVic
  • the “Learning that Shifts U” employee learning program has six learning series and a total of 30 courses (plus electives) that are designed and developed by and for UVic employees to support the UVic competencies and UVic’s strategic priorities

Xavier Serrano — director of Purchasing Services

  • contributed towards sustainable procurement and leadership at UVic and cultivating sustainability in procurement
  • developed the supplier code of conduct that emphasizes UVic’s commitment to global leadership in environment, social and institutional sustainability and outlines expectations for suppliers to integrate corporate social responsibility approach to their business practices

Garry Sagert – director of UVic Online Systems

  • leadership and contributions in the purchase of the IT related software agreements for UVic
  • supported negotiation and execution of various complex system involved procurement contracts for the university such as procurement of services for OneCard program and Thrive Health

Amanda Hawkins, aspen apGaia, Ben Cox, Corey Gibbins, Crystal Bergeron, David Protheroe, Devin Arnold, Diane Price, Evan Rempel, Ivan Petrovic, Jackie Evans, James Wigginton, Jeni Norris, Jes Castor, Nicol Smirl, Pat Cretney, Raymond Choo, Rizwan Bashir, Russell Wong, Ruth Adam, Scott Campbell, Sheeja Rajagopal and Vugar Mehraliyev - SSB9 upgrade project team

  • successfully launched the Banner 9 student registration system for Summer Session 2022
  • worked to install, configure, modify, test and document the new system in order to ensure a seamless transition for students and for the staff who support registration

Ian Case — Ceremonies and Events

  • championing arts and culture on campus despite the challenges of the pandemic, including building and maintaining strong local partnerships such as with the Victoria Symphony

Carmen Welta, Amanda Hawkins, Richard Toogood, Mandy Pearce, Wendy Joyce, Heather MacLennan, Ruth Adam, Vugar Mehraliyev, Kathleen Garland and Bob Fleming — EducationPlanner BC admission application project team

  • successfully integrating a new province-wide application process for our prospective undergraduate students

Ashley de Moscoso and Tara Britt — classroom safety ambassador program

  • leading the creation and coordination of the very successful classroom safety ambassador program to support COVID-19 safety protocols throughout the 2020-2021 Winter and 2021 Summer Sessions

Susan Lewis and Kane Kilbey – UVic COVID-19 transition team co-chairs

  • leading our university through the pandemic — from navigating the pivot to online learning through overseeing our safe return to campus this fall

Bruce Kilpatrick, Erin King, Cara Segger, Heather Warren, Beth Doman, Amos Rowsell, Len Collins, Cathie Walker, Ali Baggott, Kim Dias, Kelly Clark, Lindsay Gagel, Cecil Blakeslee, Robin Sutherland, Craig McNaughton, Ray Choo, Ethan Perriccioli, Dorothy Eggenberer, Sejr Andersen and Ivan Petrovic — redesign project team

  • displaying dedication and commitment to excellence throughout the multi-year project that resulted in an award-winning new website for UVic

Jodie Walsh – Centre for Global Studies

  • being “the glue that holds the centre together” and commitment to the university shown through generously supporting other areas of campus operations and sharing institutional knowledge during the pandemic

Gord Lyall – History PhD candidate

  • facilitating the inaugural Faculty of Humanities student research forum and supporting graduate student research assistants across the faculty

Garry Sagert, Scott Thompson, Ivan Petrovic, Rizwan Bashir, Lance Grant, Nav Bassi, Marcus Greenshields, Laurene Sheilds, Mariel Miller, Craig Scharien, Alex Warrington, Hajime Kataoka, Becca Edwards and Katy Chan — UVic Systems and the Division of Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation

  • deploying Brightspace, a new learning management system, within 60 days to respond to the challenges of remote learning during the pandemic, and implementing new classroom technology to prepare for the return to campus

Lawrence Lu & Peter Cassar — Facilities Management waste reduction

  • helping the university manage and keep up with the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic health and safety protocols in extremely short timelines so the university could continue to serve our students

Rob Hancock — Anthropology and Office of Indigenous Academic and Community Engagement

  • going above and beyond to be an agent of change at UVic in support of Indigenization and decolonization across the institution and for mentoring Indigenous students, staff and faculty

Alexandrine Bourealt-Fournier - Anthropology

  • work and scholarship in the service of Anthropology while teaching grad and undergrad courses, acting as chair and honours advisor, and editing Anthropologica journal.

Marc Bavin — Office of Global Engagement
Robyn Fila — Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives

  • developing successful grant proposals that resulted in $1 million for student mobility programs

Tine Lathouwers — Human Resources

  • swiftly assembling the campus rapid antigen testing clinic while handling a huge caseload of remote work agreement requests

Carolyn Choo, Timothy O'Gorman, Simon Farrow, Bert Timmermans & Michael Caudwell — Theatre, Libraries and Facilities Management

  • quickly and creatively lighting the Mearns Centre for Learning — McPherson Library in orange to reflect UVic's commitment to truth and reconciliation, and to display our grief and solidarity with Indigenous communities across the country

Bruce Ravelli — Sociology

  • scholarly and teaching contributions that inspire students and demonstrate how sociology can help promote a better world

Jeanie Gunn, Jennifer Wong, Morgan Slavkin, Mira Cvitanovic — Ceremonies and Events
Alex Solunac, Flemming Sorvin, Luke Mynott, Mike Thomas, Jeff Birmingham, Jordan Forbes, Eugene Deen — University Systems AV Tech

  • amazing and knowledgeable assistance in running events and for quickly becoming experts in delivering remote and hybrid events during the pandemic

Danielle Mulligan — Development

  • leading UVic's Giving Tuesday campaign to greater and greater heights each year and receiving the CASE Rising Star Award in Philanthropy for her early career successes

Liz Eby, Samantha Krzywonos, Amanda Taylor, Nicole Boulet & Danielle Mulligan — Development

  • working during the pandemic to receive their Certified Fund Raising Executive designations

Samantha Knudson — Fine Arts

  • consistently demonstrating compassion and collegiality in all of her work
  • made it possible to hold in-person classes during the pandemic; provided supports to students unable to travel home over the holidays due to travel restrictions and was instrumental in welcoming four Syrian musicians

Steve Gorham — Human Resources

  • working with openness, authenticity and outstanding commitment to making UVic a positive and productive place to work for everyone

Neil Burford — acting associate dean academic, Faculty of Science and professor, Department of Chemistry

  • a long career of service, leadership and mentorship in his department and faculty, at UVic and across the scientific community

Mike Figursky — manager, production services, Farquhar Auditorium

  • research and leadership in developing safe work plans that allowed the Farquhar to continue to serve the School of Music and host the Victoria Symphony’s virtual season

Anne Hung — English student

  • led a team of multi-year students to develop a peer mentorship project for over 80 incoming students who wouldn’t be able to meet other students during COVID-19

Fawzan Hussain — Engineering student

  • first-year engineering student who used 3D printers to create and deliver 1,545 pieces of personal protective equipment to over 30 organizations across B.C. during the pandemic
  • Fawzan received the BC Medal of Good Citizenship!

Tricia Best and Carmencita Duna - International Student Services team

  • provided welcome, supports and community to international students during the pandemic through self-isolation assistance, virtual engagement and peer-to-peer connection programs

Rob Iuvalé — supervisor, Science Stores, Faculty of Science

  • supporting his team while helping to keep lab research going during COVID-19

Dean Karlen — professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy

  • developing a new, highly successful, statistical model for COVID-19 epidemiology

David Leitch — assistant professor, Department of Chemistry

  • organized a team to produce hundreds of litres of Health Canada approved hand sanitizer that was donated to local hospitals

Michael Lines — learning and research librarian, UVic Libraries

  • making connections between local schools and the university since 2014 with his Bookbinding for Kids workshops

Andy Mavretic — director, Occupational Health, Safety and Environment, Human Resources

  • coordinating the creation and implementation of the over 700 safe work plans that have kept us safe working on campus during COVID-19

Priyanka Lopez, Gavin Gao, Raquel Slotten, Angi Ross - Office of Student Life team

  • developed the New Student Connect program that provided an online university community to over 3,000 first-year students from all over the world

Kathryn McLeod, Chad Dalrymple, Rose Marie Roxburgh, Terry Forst - Residence Services team

  • responsible for bringing 840 first-year students to live on campus this year and supporting their student experience with innovative and safe student life programming

Joni Richardson — programmer, intramurals and outdoor recreation, Vikes Athletics

  • instrumental in developing an approach to virtual esports/video gaming participation that is now taking seed with other institutions and grabbing hold in the rest of Canada

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