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Casual work

There are many options working as casual staff at UVic. Temporary Staffing Solutions (TSS) delivers talented casual on-call staff. You can find other casual staffing opportunities in various university departments.

Applying for TSS casual work

TSS is not actively recruiting at this time. You can send your résumé to and we’ll keep it on file for six months.

Other casual jobs

There are casual opportunities at UVic with departments like Food Services, Residence Services, Facilities Management, Child Care and AV Services. For casual employment opportunities please see our job board.

Hiring & managing casual staff

Casual staff allow for more flexibility in the workplace. They can cover for vacations or sick leave or be hired to help with special projects.

Finding skilled casual staff to support your team can be a time-consuming process. Temporary Staffing Solutions (TSS) gives you access to a large candidate pool with diverse experience and skill sets. We interview, screen and check the references of all casual staff to make sure they meet your required qualifications.

To start the hiring process, submit a casual staff request form that clearly details your needs. We’ll select and assign the right casual staff member from our pool to meet your needs. We take care of all the administrative details.

Learn about managing your casual employee and submitting timesheets.

Please email the completed request form to

Hire a student

Work with Co-op and Career services to hire UVic students and graduates. You can hire students either as part of UVic’s co-op program or through independent postings for full- or part-time positions.

You may also be able to supervise a work study student. UVic students are familiar with our campus, culture and work ethic, which can make them an ideal addition to your workplace.

Hiring your own casual staff

See our recruitment resources and tools.

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