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Selected university policies

Managers and supervisors are key to the success of employees as they perform and develop within the organization. At UVic we recognize in these times of continuous change, leaders are facilitators of learning and communication with employees as they adapt business operations and services to new conditions. Each department has an assigned HR consultant (HRC), who works closely with the HR associate and specialty units, to provide generalist HR Consulting services.

We know that creating and maintaining a proactive, adaptable and dynamic team is challenging, so here, we have integrated several resources to support you in the great work you do!

Recruitment and selection

Recruitment refers to the overall process of attracting, shortlisting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for jobs (either permanent or temporary). The specific steps, tools or resources used may vary greatly to reflect the context of any given job opportunity.

Employee onboarding and orientation

When you work at UVic you become part of a community in a campus setting that offers faculty, staff and their families access to its social, athletic and cultural amenities.
Managers have the most important role to play in people’s introduction to this complex organization.

Performance development and coaching

Performance development and coaching are about focusing on people’s goals and aspirations; then choosing leadership approaches to support their growth of knowledge, skills and abilities to meet short and long-term goals. See performance and coaching to access our services and resources.

Performance improvement

Performance improvement is the process designed to facilitate conversations with employees when gaps in performance are identified. Your Human Resources Consultant can support you in moving through these sometimes challenging conversations. Visit performance improvement to learn more.

Employee health and wellbeing

We are committed to fostering environments for work and study that are safe, supportive, inclusive, healthy, and encourage mutual respect and dignity of all. Our services actively promote practices of inclusion, respect, wellness, accessibility, safety and accommodation as the foundations of our healthy university community. Explore our wellness resources to learn more about services.

Team development

At UVic we all strive to make the organization a better place to work in order to achieve our strategic goals. Through various activities, dialogues and processes, managers can support their people in being part of an exemplary team that has enhanced efficiency, productivity, service quality and quality of work life. Visit team development to access resources, tools and more information.