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Pension Communications Survey: Summary Results

Pension Communications Survey: Summary Results

Welcome to the 2023 Member Survey Summary Results for Pension Services.

Pension Communications Survey
February Rate of Return

February Rate of Return

Check out the January Rate of Return on our website today.

February Rate of Return
Welcome to Pension Services

Welcome to Pension Services

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The three pension plans

There are three pension plans at the University of Victoria:

Each plan covers different employee groups.  Membership to any of the plans is determined by the terms of the Plan Documents, and enrollment is administered by the Human Resources department. If you need help to determine which of the three plans you belong to, please visit which plan do I belong to? or contact us

Pension Services

Pension Services expertly manages the entire spectrum of pension benefits for our valued plan members. Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Thorough verification, meticulous recording, and seamless maintenance of member data and information.
  • Accurate calculation and timely disbursement of pension benefits to ensure financial security.
  • Creation of personalized annual member statements for a clear and transparent overview.
  • Swift and responsive handling of member inquiries, ensuring prompt access to crucial information.
  • Crafting engaging publications and communications tailored to enhance understanding and participation in the plans.
  • Skillful preparation of financial statements and annual reports for a comprehensive overview of plan performance.
  • Generation of various reports to meet regulatory requirements and ensure compliance with applicable legislation.

At Pension Services, we are dedicated to delivering a streamlined and efficient experience, empowering our members to navigate their pension journey with confidence and peace of mind.

Our office also oversees investments programs.  This means:

  • executing investment policies and mandates
  • monitoring external investment managers for performance and compliance with policies
  • working with investment consultants on investment strategy matters.

Finally, our office supports the various boards and committees that govern the three plans. Please visit the individual plans’ Governance pages to find out more about the governance structure and to access various reports and communications from the boards and committees.

Disclaimer: We make every effort to ensure that all information on this website is accurate and complete. Should any discrepancy exist, the Plan Documents, statutes, or regulations shall apply.