About the Combination Pension Plan

The Combination Pension Plan is governed by the Pension Board and primarily covers faculty members, executives, librarians, and administration/professional staff.


The Combination Pension Plan is governed and administered by a Board of Trustees (the "Pension Board"), which operates independently from the University of Victoria, under the terms of a Trust Agreement. More information about the Pension Board and its role and responsibilities can be found under the Governance section of this website. 

Type of pension plan & membership

Members of other employee groups may belong to different pension plans.  For more information about your membership, please visit which plan do I belong to?, review your paystub, or contact us.

There are different types of pension plans.  The Combination Pension Plan is a hybrid pension plan, with elements of both a defined contribution plan and a defined benefit plan.  It may be described as a defined contribution plan with a minimum defined benefit component.

During your employment at UVic, you and the University will both contribute to the plan’s funds through contributions.  At retirement, you will have a range of options designed to allow tailoring of retirement income to suit your situation, preferences, and financial plan.  

Refer to the History of the Plan for a brief account of various revisions and amendments since the Plan was established in 1968.

This website is a summary only. For more information, please review the Combination Pension Plan Document, which provides a complete description of the plan, membership eligibility and enrollment, contributions, benefits, and other relevant topics. 

Disclaimer: We make every effort to ensure that all information on this website is accurate and complete. Should any discrepancy exist, the Plan Documents, statutes, or regulations shall apply.