The Combination Pension Plan is governed by the Pension Board and primarily covers faculty members, executives, librarians, and administration/professional staff.

The Combination and Money Purchase Pension Plans (the “Plans”) are governed by a Board of Trustees (the “Pension Board”). The Pension Board oversees the investments and the financial management of the Plans, and ensures the Plans are administered in accordance with the Trust Agreements, the Income Tax Act and Pension Benefit Standards Act (BC).

There are eight Trustees on the Pension Board: four are elected by members and four are appointed by the University Board of Governors, for terms of up to three years. The Trust Agreements between the University of Victoria and the Pension Board set out the rights and responsibilities of the Pension Board, as well as the rules and procedures related to the appointment and election of Trustees. 

At this time, the Trustees are: 

  • Mr. Andrew Coward
  • Mr. Barry Gros (Chair)
  • Ms. Catherine Heath
  • Ms. Melanie Nadeau-Roy
  • Mr. Stefan Grbavec
  • Dr. Ori Granot
  • Dr. Matthew Murphy
  • Dr. Michael Miller (Vice-Chair)