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Managers & supervisors

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Managers and supervisors are key to the success of employees. Creating a proactive, adaptable and dynamic team can be challenging. That's why we've integrated these support resources.

Human resources consulting

Each department has an assigned HR consultant (HRC). HRCs work closely with HR associates and specialty units to provide HR generalist services to managers and supervisors.

Each HRC team member works with faculties and departments in their portfolio of responsibility.

Recruitment & selection

Recruitment refers to the process of finding the right person for the job. This includes attracting, shortlisting, selecting and hiring suitable candidates (permanent or temporary). The steps, tools or resources used may vary greatly between each job opportunity.

Employment equity

At UVic, we each have a responsibility and a role to play in creating an equitable, diverse and inclusive community. Embedding equity is not only the right thing to do but essential for attracting and retaining people with the knowledge, perspectives and skills we need to achieve excellence.

Equity and Human Rights have developed practices to help you embed equity, diversity and inclusion in your units. We also provide training for hiring committees on how to attract, select, and hire candidates using principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion. To request a workshop contact

Preventing discrimination, harassment & sexualized violence

Every UVic employee has a right to work in an environment free from discrimination, harassment and sexualized violence. If you have questions or concerns, or if you need advice or training in relation to these issues for yourself or your unit, please contact the Equity and Human Rights office at

Employee onboarding & orientation

At UVic, every employee is a part of our community with access to social, athletic and cultural amenities. Managers play the most important role in introducing people to this complex organization.

Performance & development coaching

The Performance and Development Cycle (PDC) models helps focus on people’s goals and aspirations. Taking an active role in supporting your employee’s development is one of the best ways to ensure employee success, and ultimately the success of your department.

Performance improvement

Performance development facilitates conversations with employees when gaps in performance are identified. Your human resources consultant can support you in these sometimes-challenging conversations.

Employee health & wellbeing

We’re committed to making UVic a safe and supportive environment for work and study. Our services promote practices of mutual respect, wellness, accessibility, safety and accommodation.

Team development

We all strive to make UVic a better place to work. You’re encouraged to use activities, dialogues and processes to grow and support effective, productive teams. Through teamwork we can improve the quality of our working life and achieve our strategic goals.

Need help?

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